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Comparison Comparação

The comparative

more MAIS << >> MENOS less

do que or que = than

O tempo de hoje está mais frio (do) que o de ontem.
Weather today is colder than weather yesterday.

The superlative

Use definite article in front of superlative:

Hoje é o dia mais frio do ano.
Today is the coldest this year.


bom - melhor good - better
mau - pior bad - worse
grande - maior big - bigger
pequeno - menor small - smaller
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Absolutive superlative

Absolutive superlative can be formed two ways:

  • analytical (muito before the adjective)
  • synthetical (-íssimo added to the adjective)


analytical (superlativo absoluto analítico)

Formed by adding adverb before the adjective (usually muito, but other adverbs are used also).

muito caro

NOTICE: This form is used used usually in colloquial speech.


synthetical (superlativo absoluto sintético)

Absolutive superlative is made with íssimo-ending:
caro, muito caro, caríssimo
expensive, very expensive, extremely expensive

NOTICE: The ending of the adjective may change as -íssimo ending is added to it. For example calmo >> calmíssimo, feliz >> felicíssimo.

Irregular absolutive

fácil - facílimo the easiest
difícil - dificílimo the hardest
mau - péssimo the worst
bom - ótimo the best

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