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Errrors found on these pages

Date Error description Page Obrigado!
1997-12-02 corrected terceira-feira >> terça-feira days, months, etc Wendy
1997-12-20 IR -> VIAJAR (typo) future Maria
1997-12-20 "vou indo" is very colloquial language! future Maria
1997-12-20 a with the crase accent (à) not the accute (á) prepositions Maria
1998-01-05 oite >> oito phone conversation Claudia
1998-01-29 prior >> pior comparison A. Araujo
1998-01-29 otímo -> ótimo comparison A. Araujo
1998-02-03 espanhol f >> espanhola continents&countries Viviane
1998-02-09 excepto >> exceto conjunctions Benhur
1998-02-09 tail >> tal conjunctions Benhur
1998-02-09 de >> da (typo) expressing time Marcos
1998-02-09 "um bilhão" or "um bilião" >> only "um bilhão" numerals Marcos
1998-02-09 cinquenta >> cinqüenta numerals Marcos
1998-02-28 portuquesa >> portuguesa continents&countries Armindo
1998-03-02 pessímo >> péssimo comparison Karin V.
1998-03-02 journalista >> jornalista nouns Pedro S.
1998-05-06 grave accent, not crase accent prepositions Jussara Simões
1998-05-21 fôssomos > fôssemos ser Rudolf Muradian
1998-05-21 estive > esteve estar Rudolf Muradian
1998-05-21 preteriti > preterite pages about verbs Rudolf Muradian
1998-05-27 ele tive > ele teve ter Rudolf Muradian
1998-08-08 Typo corrected, de+ele merge into dele, not deles. possessive pronouns Boulerice
1998-08-10 A table had English words with undefinite article while Portuguese words were with definite article examples of prepositions Paulo C.Ribeiro
1998-08-25 feito á mão >> feito à mão anatomy lessons Vanessa Ares Cavalcante
1998-08-25 á noite >> à noite days, months, etc Vanessa Ares Cavalcante
1998-09-10 De onde... >> Onde posso telefonar?   phone conversation Philipp Suter
1998-10-25 quinze >> trinta expressing time Andres Guevara
1999-01-10 sentence corrected comparison Fabio
1999-01-17 most >> extremely comparison Anette
1999-01-18 a lot of >> very adverbs Anette
1999-04-22 o Antártica >> o Antártico continents&countries  
1999-06-20 livro dele/dela/deles/delas >> dele/dela/deles/delas livro possessive pronouns David Silva


I hope that this page won't be updated regularly, but on the other hand I also hope that it will be. : )

I have listed only errors that are "severe", I left minor (english) typos out (too much of them ;)

Please report all errrors you can find to me, I try to keep the information on the pages as correct and reliable as possible.


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  • Rick Bakker
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  • Maria Teresa Sorolla
  • Philipp Suter
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