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Please note that these pages are about BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE, not European Portuguese

Some verbs - alguns verbos

Look here for information how to conjugate the verbs
and about the letter changes in conjugation.

! = letter changes in conjugation   = irregular verb
  em portuguÍs   in English  
  ! esquecer   to forget  
    lembrar   to remember  
  querer   to want  
    comer   to eat  
    cantar   to sing  
    beber   to drink  
  estar   to be, to be in  
  ser   to be  
  poder   to be able to, can  
  ! dormir   to sleep  
  ter   to have  
  ver   to see  
    morar   to live, reside  
  ir   to go  
  vir   to come  
    viajar   to travel  
    voltar   to turn, to return, to come back  
    pensar   to think, to imagine  
    perguntar   to ask  
    tentar   to try  
  fazer   to make, to do  
    buscar   to fetch; to look for, to search for  
    mandar   to order; to send  
    procurar   to look for, seek; to apply for  
    receber   to receive  
    comprar   to buy  
    passear   to take for a walk; to go for a walk  
  ! ficar   to stay; to be left; to be; to become  

= letter changes in conjugation   = irregular verb

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