Please note that these pages are about BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE, not European Portuguese.
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Who? Quem?

A word about me...

I've got emails from people wondering about who I am and why I have made these pages, so here is a brief explanation:

I'm 30 years old computer professional, born, raised and living in Finland. and no, I have never visited Brazil. I plan to, but that is under the category "one day".

I've always like the English language, and I have unsuccesfully tried to find that same attraction in other languages, but failed. Years ago I decided to learn one latin language, and I was already thinking about French, but then I decided to try Portuguese when it was suggested to me (and especially the Brazilian Portuguese. Como vai, Lilian? :)

I have been working as a webmaster, so the easiest way for me to make notes was to make webpages. At one point I decided to publish those pages, in case some one would find them useful. Then I also started to polish the appearance, I combined my two hobbies, Brazilian Portuguese and making webpages.

So I am just a student of the language, not a native or an author of the language. I hope that the people who use these pages have noticed and informed me about any possible errors on the pages, so the information should be valid. At times I haven't had time to expand this site, but I am still keeping it in mind.

I've had help from many people, and I've tried to give the credit to who it belongs to.

4 de dezembro de 1999,
Marko Huuhilo



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