Stupid Finnish Advertisements

Question1: What can be more horrendous than watching the ads on this site?
Answer1: You could get someone read the Finnish text for you.

Question2: Why are the ads on this page so small?
Answer2: I don't want people to die, I just want them to suffer.

Kuluttaja -60 Hopeapeili -47
Syö muna päivässä Hota tabletit tuovat joulurauhan
"Eat an egg each day - you'll get strenghth, health and energy for the whole day" ... in 1991 some 68 million kg of hen's eggs were produced in Finland, which makes some 240 eggs/person. Wonder why they ever invented soft drinks and snack bars ...
"Hota pills will bring you peace for Christmas if it's treathened by temporary health disorders like fever, a cold, headache or toothache. Two pills equal one powder" ...

Suomen Kuvalehti -55 Karjatalous -62
Sata miljardia markkaa - Säästöpankit Karjanne odottaa rehufosfaattia
"Hundred Billion Marks" ... What an omen - this is the sum that the Finnish people had to pay 40 years later in order to save these Säästöpankki-banks. In the late 80's, when the national economy got overheated, banks had an excess of funds. These banks solved their problem by giving loans without proper securities. Could I possibly prosper by flushing money down the toilet?
"Your cattle is waiting for phosphate fodder" ... We people get to eat wholesome and nutritious good food (hamburgers, pork-chops, french-fries, spaghetti, pizza etc.), while our cattle, which helps us to produce these vital life-quality-composing elements is eating grass with some phosphates ...
Yes, Sir! Do I want to suffer more?

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