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Rick Random by James McConnell, SDL #111The comic book hero Rick Random is the chief trouble shooter of the Interplanetary Bureau of Investigation. He is the most collected character in the Brittish comic book called the Super Detective Library.

Ron Turner's style was totally original. No one had ever drawn like him in comics. His exciting line and his use of black and white, giving sometimes an almost negative image, combined with the soaring imagination to create a completely credible futuristic world of awesome wonder. (Ashford & Holland)

Original Rick Random stories in Super Detective Library (SDL) and Finnish translations in Korkeajännityssarja (KJS)   Rick Random page - Only in Finnish, sorry!

(Art if not Ron Turner)
(Cover if Ron Turner)
Original (SDL) In Finnish (KJS)
037 1954/24 Crime rides the spaceways (art by Bill Lacey)
044 1955/02 Kidnappers from space
048 1955/08 The riddle of vanishing spacemen (art by Bill Lacey)
049 1955/09 The case of the man who owned the moon
053 1955/14 The case of the space bubble (art by Oliver Pattingham, cover by Ron Turner)
064 1956/02 The five lifes of mr. Quex
066 1956/05-06 Rick Random and the gold-rush planet
070 1956/08 Rick Random and the mystery of the moving planet
075 1956/14 Rick Random and the secret of the ocean planet (art by Bill Lacey)
079 1956/16 The planet of the lost men
083 1956/19 Rick Random and the invaders from the ocean planet
090 1956/23 Rick Random’s manhunt through space
091 1957/01 Rick Random and the mystery of the milky way (art mainly by Terry Patrick)
097 1957/09 Rick Random and the mystery of time travellers
101 1957/13 The riddle of the vanishing people
105 1957/16 Rick Random and the mystery of the man who put out the sun (art by unknown)
111 1957/22 Rick Random in sabotage from space
115 1958/01 Rick Random and the S.O.S. from space
123 1958/11 Rick Random and the planet of terror
127 1958/16 Rick Random and the space pirates
129 1958/17 Rick Random’s perilous mission
133 1958/21 Rick Random and the mystery of the frozen world
137 1959/01 Rick Random and the mystery of the robot world
139 1959/03 Rick Random and the mystery of the knights of space (art by unknown)
143 1959/09 Rick Random and the terror from space
153 1960/03 Rick Random and the threat from space (cover by Ron Turner)
163 1960/12 Rick Random and the kidnapped planet

Script - if known - mostly by Conrad Frost or Harry Harrison

For comparison to Finnish issue numbers by Martti Tiainen. Thanks!

Source: Asford, David & Holland, Steve: Super Detective Library. A CJ Publication. A & B Whitworth 1992 (first edition in B/W), 1998 (second edition in color)


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