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Pekka Paalanen
blog: ppaalanen at blogspot
home e-mail:
IRCNet and freenode nick: pq
CV is available upon request.

My public PGP key can be found on, fingerprint AD3B 06D0 E975 A9EB 62E6 2AC5 1B4E 0721 C1CB 5A1A (new, created Aug 8, 2015). The old key from 2002 has been completely revoked.

I have graduated as Master of Science in Engineering (with distinction), Information Processing Technology, on November 22nd, 2006. I worked on GMMBayes, which is a Gaussian mixture model based classifier toolbox for Matlab®. My Master's thesis is Real-time Imaging and Mosaicking of Planar Surfaces. Since then I worked also on rtmosaic, real-time 3D reconstruction.

Starting in the summer 2011, I am an independent entrepreneur and working on Linux and open source software projects. My biggest client is Collabora.

My interests include machine vision, real time applications, embedded devices, electronics, high-voltage or high-current devices, programming for Linux (C, C++, Matlab, Bash, etc.) and Open Source Software: graphics, 3D drivers, Wayland...

I follow the Nouveau project very closely and have contributed in the past. My recent activities you can find in my blog.

I am a member of IKI ry, so these pages can always be found using

Linux user 241467