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The hidden realities behind news 

censorship in mainstream media, and how people  fight against news suppression.


Example of censored news:   Massacre of 16 villagers in Afganistan , Panjwai district of Kandahar 11th  of March 2012

This is how the mainstream media told the story. Sgt. Robert Bales killed 17 villagers .  CNN-version of massacre.  Sgt.  Bales was able to change death penalty to life-imprisonment by pleading guilty. The New York Times version of Robert Bales trial.

What United States mainstream media left out:   Newspaper Australian: Seven soldiers had lined up the villagers before the massacre, and told that they would kill at least 20 of them, because their buddy lost his legs in bomb explosion near.

Also Afghan investigation delegation, headed by chief of staff Sher Muhamed Karimi, reported that around 15-20 United States soldier was involved in this mass-murder.

 NBC news found  a child-witnesses who had which survived alive the massacre, and which told the reporters, that there were over ten  people killing the villagers. (The article was rmoved, but about the same story one can find here)

If the mainstream  media had told the whole story, investigation of  these crimes had been more honest, and perhaps all who had participated the mass-murder, would have faced the prosecution.

In my opinion the best, and most honest version of  what really happened, was in  Veterans Today magazine. (Also this article was removed, but a very similar is possibly to find in Voltaire net)

Censorship is like a black cat in dark room. We can see the cat only when some light comes in the room

Without these leaks in Newspaper Australian and NBC news. I would have not been able to show  news suppression on mainstream media,  I would have not been able to  told you this story, and in worst case you had continued to  believe, that there is no censorship in western media. Most of the news which  are censored , there  are  no leaks .  We do not know, what all important news  are not told to  us.





How to fight against censorship and news suppression of mainstream media.


Demonstration  is old, and still working tool against news-suppression.  Street credibility increases when there is a big group of demonstrators.
If demonstration will turn to riot, or demonstrators do some odd things, like climb in the trees , or go roof of tall buildings, there are some possibility to get media interested.
Unfortunately media is more interested what demonstrators did, than what they tried to tell for people.  
This woman  is trying to get people to know, that there exist a such thing like electronic harassment of people.








Paid Advertisement in newspaper

Sometimes, even when newspapers do not let the truth come out their news-articles, they allow paid advertisement that tells the truth.
 The news behind this advertisement is that TWA 800 aircraft  was some or other reason, shot down by air-defence  missile.

 Here is the actual untold  story of the accident.







Billboard Advertisement

Even if newspapers do not allow even paid advertisement, companies which rent billboard advertisement towers, could rent their towers, for any advertisement, because they are not in news distributing cartels. This advertisement on left, tells that also third tower fell in 9/11  attack , even that no aircraft hit the tower. Under is a billboard of  Electronic mindcontrol victims organisation FFCHS,   and Geoengineering Watch billboard about Chemtrails


Youtube- or other Internet video

This well-made video is for same WTC/7 collapse as previous  billboard advertisement. The only problem is that television stations do  not show movies forbidden subjects. However if video is made well,it  would start to circulate in social media, like this one.
Youtube has given over 200 organisations right to "flag up" videos they consider unsuitable for Youtube guidelines. This means that example U.K. Metropolitan police has authority to seek reviews - and removal  - of videos it considers extremist.









   Books have same problems than Youtube videos - which billboard advertisement and demonstrations do not have. One could read a billboard advertisement, simply because he finds one.  However,  If one is not seeking something this kind of book, it is very unlikely that he finds  it, because these books are not usually on  ordinary bookstore.  Another problem is that it takes a while to write a book. Still book is old and very effective method to communicate subjects which are not in mainstream media.  This is SoleilMavis Liu book about electronic mind control










News Examples

This example of media behavior  is from Paris 1961. Police killed around 200 Algerian origin  demonstrators middle of Paris, when thousands of people were watching the massacre. Although  everybody knew what really happened, the media published only the "official truth"  of two deaths, which Paris  police gave to newspapers. Fortunately for this news -  after 51 years - French President Francois Hollande admitted the massacre.

We do not know how much these kinds of news are, where told "official" story is different from what really happened. Perhaps we will know after 50 years or so, what really  happened in Sandy Hook on December 14  2012.

More sources for  censorship and news suppression on mainstream media.


  Shadows of liberty is a well made document about censorship and media manipulation. The whole document is possible to view full free of charge for those who live in Europe, Asia, or Africa in address:

Mainstream Media as a Weapon of Social Engineering and War,  Waldemar Perez excellent three hour lecture at Portland  Community College, with several video examples. In my opinion, the first hour of this  lecture is best, so it is worth watch the start, even if one has no time for a whole three hours lecture.

  Other Sources:

  Julian C Holmes open letter to Washington post

Need to know basis:You only know what the TV wants you to know. by Activist Post

Carl Bernstein: The Cia and media

 Udo Ulfgotte,retired editor of major german newspaper Frankfurter Allegemeine  explains that  he planted stories for CIA

  Mary Louise about CIA-project of media manipulation , operation Mockingbird


The war you do not see -propakanda and cenorship in war: (Youtube film, one and half hours)