Alternative history - Clinton Family Crimes

 The last ones:Judicial watch keeps record for what is happening around Clintons crimes.

Journalist found dead, after investigating Clinton sex-crime

 I know where all bodies are buried -Clinton foundati9on  SFO spill beans ? - by Zero-Hedge

Trump tries to prosecute Clinton and Comey by Indenpendent

House GOP 'Working With Whistleblowers' In Clinton Foundation Probe - by Zero-Hedge

House Republicans ask for a special investigation for Clintons crimes

 Eleven Congressmen  letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions

 ZeroHedge: Trump new Executive Order targets Clinton linked Individuals

Fire on Clintonws House

 HillaryClinton Must Be Charged Criminally and the #DOJ and #FBI Stripped of Its Criminal Management - Lionel Nation

 Hillary Clinton's criminal career (Youtube - Finnish language text )Clintons contras and cocaine

  The Crimes of Mena - Gray Money



FBI releases files on Bill Clinton’s pardon of fugitive Marc Rich  - by PressTV

Clinton foundation was behind human organ trafficking in Kosovo

The Clinton bodycount - by Infowar

The Clinton  bodycount by Rancho  Politics

Dead DNC worker  - by ZeroHedge

Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton was behind murder of  Ambrassador  Stevens

U.N. Official John Ashe accitendally crushes his own throat before testifying against Hilary Clinton  - by Tyler Durden

Conspiracy theorist claims, Hillary Clinton murdered john F.Kennedy Jr.   - by Daily Mail

Prominent Anti-Hillary Clinton Researcher found dead

Woman investigating  Clinton foundation crimes  after election found dead

Mysterious deaths among Clinton's inner circle

Two systems of justice - One for Clinton, one for others- by Breitbart

Clinton foundation fraud - by The Political Insider

Clinton, The Middle East, Africa, Big Pharma  -Drain the swamp

Julian Assange says:  "1700 emails prove that Hillary Clinton sold weapons to ISIS in Syria".

 Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch instructed FBI director James Comey to cover up Hillary

Clinton corruption and US two justice system.

FBI director James Comey ties to the  Clinton family exposed - by Infowar

FBI director James Comey received millions from Clinton Foundation

Clinton bundlers donated half a million to wife of FBI-McCabe

McCabe fired, Consortium News  story by by Coleen Rowley

George Webb youtube-diary on his research  for Clintons crimes


Monica Petersen disappearance while investigating Clinton Foundation on Haiti

Clinton Foundation on Haiti

Grant juror who leaked Clinton information found murdered

Clinton foundation CEO Eric Braverman,  disappearances.

Beranton J. Whisenant Jr. -who investigated crimes in DNC - is murdered

The Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes John Podesta (Youtube)

Democracy Lost: A Report on the Fatally Flawed 2016 Democratic Primaries

Debbie Lusignan interview on Democratic Primaries 2016  wrongdoings and some other issues

The Bush-Clinton mafia by Counterbunch

Bush, Millman, and Clinton  crime families flow chart by Stew Webb

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