Human Experiments - 40 Death microbiologist, and other suspicious deaths

 What killed 40 biological- and chemical weapons researchers, and other suspicious deaths

Around forty microbiologists that have specialized biological and chemical weapons research have died accidentally or otherwise odd circumstances between November 2001 and January 2005. Who is killing them? This is my - and many other people - theory:

With George Bush presidency, United States Defense was introduced pre-emptive strike defense doctrine. This means that the possible the enemy could be eliminated before it has done anything, but is capable to make deathly strike.  After 9/11 attack that destroyed the two NWC building in New York. There were another terrorist attack with letters that were filled with substance called Anthrax ,against members of Congress and media. After that, started accidental deaths of biological and chemical weapons scientists.

I believe that after Anthrax attack , there  was compiled  a list of scientist, that had the  knowledge and  possibility to make Anthrax,  or other deathly diseases, or toxic substances. From that list were singled out those that were - one reason or other - not considered reliable, and  they  were eliminated one by one. The results are forty suspicious deaths. A tough decision that was typical on this era of United States, ended of these people lives for mostly only reason, that they knew too much of a dangerous subject. The Nation presumed safety and security, was put before justice, and lives of  some innocent individuals.

 Forty Microbiologist died in suspicious sircustances

Three environmental scientist Eugene Franklin Mallove, Juventina Villa Mojica and Dorothy Stang were  murdered after this radio program, and after releasing lab test results linking chemtrails to the mass death of fish, plant and animal life.

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Nineteen suspicious deaths of  9/11  mass-murder witnesses and truth-seekers, Veterans today article based on Ph.D. Crockett Grabbe book Anatomy of Mass Murders. Besides of murders of truth-seekers, there are also some attempts to suppress  and manipulate 9/11  search-engine information on Internet.

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Seven suspicious high political  profile suicides in Ukraine in one month , and three prominent Poroshenko critics killed in Kiev in three days,

Four Turkish defence industry Engineers in same company, made suspicious  suicides - Newspaper suspects reason of suicide was telepathy , but I believe that reason was electromagnetic mindcontrol, and harassment.

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Dr. Fred Bell was found death 24 hours after interview with Jesse Ventura about mindcontrol and other electromagnetic weapons.  This is the document that  Jesse Ventura was filming "Conspiracy theory"