Human Experiments - Mind-reading, synthetic telepathy

Mind-reading machine - synthetic telepathy - is reality

Mind reading- and synthetic tolepathy has been reality and shaped world politics now over forty years. It has been kept secret, so people whose mind is read,  are not necessary aware of it. This has considerable political advantage, compared to those countries, which do not have such technology for their use

My evidence

I first realized that my mind was read in restaurant Switcboard, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 1980. A group of people started talkn to me , and told early things in my childhood, I had not spoken anybody. Before that I had head noices on other site of apartment wall - some speaking and moving of furnitures. Later on I learned that the noise  did not come to other side of wall, but it was actually  v2k , which was made electrically., and did not come my neigbhour , and  would come from very long distance.  After I had meet these people in restaurant, electronic "telepathic" conversation  with me started, and is still going.

Evidence 2 Dorothy Burdick book

Dorothy Burdick book Such things are known.  was printed first 1981, By reading the book one can convince himslef, that synthetic telepathy and mindreadin was possible 1880 . or earlier. The book is possible to read online free.

Evidence 3 Mindreading and forced speech - by Gretta Fahey

Evidence 4. Victims of  electromagnetic manipulation talk about mind reading in Facebook groups: 

Evidence 5.  Zersetung organisation collection about neurotechnology and mindreading

Some patents, devices and inventions

Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves. Patent US3951134A

Mind reading and other mind control patents - by  Fighting Monarch

Motorolas mind reading tattoo. This tattoo is outside of  body, but the same device, is possible to put inside of throad,while he is unconcious , without victim realizing it.

Synthetic Telepathy - The Article Wikipedia Did Not Want You To Read

Brain-Computer interface for people with paralysis  by Stanford University

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Black Mirror style mind-reader by Daily Mail

Mind reading headset for Google


Mindreading and Neural Monitoring