Binary Structures / 2000

collaboration; Beloff (FIN) & Decker (A) -an installation based on a cyclical structures, depicting a memory and a human lifecycle. :computer, projector, speakers and custom built interface. The visual, audio and text material used in the piece was submitted by users via web or sms.
"The essence of the piece is memory which is simulated by the actions,
reactions and processings of the piece. The designed structure forms the
actual core of the piece, which will constantly cycle through a variety of visual and auditory states. The piece is almost like "a being": it has a basic
structure and rules, but evolves constantly through computer processing and the reactions introduced by the users."

Information about the work is no longer online.

BinaryStructures piece have been exhibited in Helsinki and in Brussels in september 2000.

It was supported by The University of Art and Design Helsinki/mediaLab, MagicMediaLab Brussels, Hewlett Packard- Finland, Sonera- Finland,