DIALOGUE (an automat)

1999 / laura beloff

The piece is a computer generated automated dialogue between two heads and four sentences. SHORT TEXT / IMAGES

The piece has been exhibited at Ars Electronica Festival / Linz 99, Borey Art Gallery / StPetersburg 99, Microwave Festival / HongKong 00, File Festival / Sao Paolo 00 (third prize), f-scapes Festival / Brussels 00, Imatra Art Museum / Finland 00, Cluj-Napoca Art Museum/ Romania 00, Joensuu Art Museum / Finland 01, Passage-gallery K-haus / Wien 01, Interstanding-festival / Tallinn 01

Dialogue(an automat) is a piece for a computer and a projector.
It needs a PC with a minimum
of 128Mb of ram, 366-450mhrz