/ Beloff 2005
-computer controlled video dialogue
This piece contains a collection of thoughts about
whaling in Norway.

The material was taken from conversations recoreded
during the summer 2004 in Lofoten. 6 persons were
interviewed, who all have a relation to whaling and
who are living in the area where whaling is practiced.
A selection of sentences/opinions which came up
several times with different people were chosen
for use. The aim was to create a work with a more
generalized viewpoint to whaling in Norway.
By using “yes” and “no” replies among the other
sentences the possibility of a generalized
viewpoint is questioned.

The chosen sentences from the original interviews
are re-enacted in a studio-setting by a group of "actors".
- One could define the work as "faction". It is a mix of
facts and fiction in all the levels. It has documented
facts as the base (interviews and used sentences),
the sentences are recorded a second time in a studio
and the computer creates a new order for the dialogue.

In the final projection one can see two similar heads
having a dialogue. The dialogue is continuously shifting
between absurd and sensible.
The piece cycles through 6 different persons, the dialogue
continues uninterrupted. The dialogue is controlled
by the computer which selects the videoclips
from a database. The dialogue is spoken in norwegian
with english subtitles.

The background elements are created dynamically.
The red/white dots are appearing one by one based
on the occuring“yes” and “no” sentences.
The thin lines in the background float slowly across
the screen occasionally appearing in
the front across the face.








Thank You / Credits

A critique (by Leif Magne Tangen) which appeared in the kunstkritikk.no and my further comments.


Personal story:
I moved to Norway in 2002. That time I didnt know much about Norway except that they had oil, Munch, Ibsen, Hamsun and Mankell. I also knew that they were good skiers and Norway is practicing whaling.
This last aspect was of my interest because the world outside Norway was strictly judging Norway for doing this. After I had moved to Oslo, to my surprise, I hardly saw any articles or comments inside Norway about whaling. This issue simply didnt exist in the national media.
I decided to do my own small scale research.
Every time I got to know someone good enough to dare to pose them a question (which i thought would be a hot topic), I asked them what is their opinion on whaling. After 3.5 years I still have not gotten a single reply, which would be negative, judgmental or hesitant about the topic. It seems that the whaling-issue has different values in Norway. There exists more concerns of the local culture and tradition than the decrease of the global whale population.
Lofoten in Norway is one of the main areas of whaling. During the summer 2004 I interviewed persons whose lives are concretely linked to whaling and fishing in Lofoten.
The work Hvalburger is the result from this research.


At LIAF 06 exhibition in Svolvær, Lofoten Norway