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BIO / Laura Beloff
With acclaimed international reputation as an artist, Laura Beloff’s works can be described as 
peculiar wearable objects, programmed structures and participatory, networked installations. 
In her pieces she combines technology fluently with various mediums ranging from video to textile, 
from sound to sculptural and organic materials. Many of her works deal with individuals in the global 
society trying to adapt to highly complex technologically enhanced world, which is becoming 
increasingly mobile. Collaboration with other artists, musicians and computer scientists has been 
one of the features typical for her working methods. 
Beloff has exhibited widely in various museums, galleries and major media-art events in Europe 
and worldwide, recently f.e. in Vienna (2011), in Russia and Brazil (2008) and in the Venice 
Biennale (2007). She has received various grants, residencies and awards; 2009 Prix Ars 
Electronica Honorary mention in Next Idea-category, 2002 Vida5.0 honorary mention/Spain, 
2000 File-festival the 3rd prize/Brazil, etc.  

2002-06 she was Professor for media arts at the Art Academy in Oslo, Norway. 
2007-11 she was awarded a five-year grant by the Finnish state.
2009-2010, 2011 she has been a visiting Professor at The University of Applied Arts in Vienna (AT). 
Currently (2011) she is on the edge of finishing a PhD within Planetary Collegium, University of Plymouth. 
More information on her works: http://www.realitydisfunction.org 


Laura Beloff,
-currently works and lives in Finland.

2009 Prix Ars Electronica / Next Idea, Honorary Mention;
2002 Vida 5.0, Spain, honorary mention;

2000 File-festival, SaoPaolo, third prize;
1995 The Top of the Year -Graphic Desing, Honorary Mention;
1994 Finnish State and Ministry of Culture's Art Award

Group Exhibitions
 2010 Mäntän Kuvataideviikot, Mänttä
 2009 Montevideo, Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam
 2009 Ich Maschine, Edith Russ Haus, Oldenburg
 2008 Arte:Mov exhibition, Belo Horizonte 
 2008 Evolution Haute Couture: Art and Science in the Post-Biological Age / -screening, Kaliningrad
 2008 IX MediaForum 2008 / -screening, Moscow
 2008 Prototypisieren, Bremen
 2007 Enter3 Exhibition, Prague
 2007 Urban Interfaces Exhibition, Oslo
 2007 Mobile Journey Exhibition, 52. Venice Biennale
 2007 Urban Interfaces Exhibition, Berlin
 2007 Lab Cyberspaces Exhibition, Gijon
 2007 Digitally Yours Exhibition, Turku
 2006 Article Biennale, Stavanger
 2006 Lofoten International Art Festival LIAF, Svolvær
 2005 Wearable Futures / -screening, Newport
 2005 International Festival of Computer Arts, Maribor
 2004 Trondelag Contemporary Art Center, Trondheim
 2004 Ars Electronica  Festival, Linz
 2004 ISEAexhibition,  Tallinn
 2004 The Contemporary Art Museum, Oslo
 2003 Gallery Otso, Espoo
 2003 Russian Museum, St.Petersburg 
 2002 Parson's School of Design-Gallery, New York
 2002 Electrohype-festival, Malmö 
 2002 Sonar-festival, Barcelona
 2002 Baltic Art Center, Visby
 2001 CYNET media-festival, Dresden
 2001 nic01 conference/exhibition, Copenhagen
 2001 Interstanding-festival, Tallinn
 2001 Interaccess.org-gallery, Toronto
 2001 KuenstlerHaus, Wien
 2001 Joensuu Artmuseum Joensuu
 2000 UCLA Gallery Los Angeles
 2000 Continent Exhibition Helsinki, Brussles
 2000 Siggraph conference/exhibition New Orleans
 2000 F-scapes Exhibition Brussels
 2000 Cluj Art Museum Cluj, Romania
 2000 File Festival (third prize) Sao Paolo
 2000 Microwave Festival Hong Kong
 1999 Ars Electronica Festival Linz, Austria
 1999 Borey Art Gallery St. Petersburg
 1998 Kiasma, mediatek, Helsinki
 1997 SkyLightBooks Los Angeles
 1997 California Institute of the Arts California,US
 1996 Institut Finlandais Paris, France
 1996 DesingCenter, Helsinki 
 1996 Kouvola Art Museum Kouvola
 1995 Lahti Art Museum Lahti
 1994 Suomenlinna -Northern ArtCenter Helsinki
 1994 Sara Hildén Art Museum, Tampere
 1994 Lonnström Art Museum, Rauma
 1993 The Month of the Photography Bratislava, Slovaky
 1993 Finnish Artists' Assoc. Exhibition, Karkkila 
 1992 The National Museum of Finland, Helsinki
 1992 Helsinki Art Hall, Helsinki
 1992 Main railway station (collaboration) Helsinki
 1991 Museum of Photography + various Art Museums Helsinki 
 1991 "Family"-exhibition in a city apartment Helsinki 
 1989 Pori Art Museum Pori 
 1989 Budka-Art Show Turku
 1989 Finstation,The Old Cotton Factory Pori
 1988 Young Art, Art Museum Rauma
 1988 Art Biennale,W.Aaltonen Art Museum Turku  
Solo Exhibitions
2011 Angewandte Schauraum, MuseumsQuartier, Wien
2004 Kunstnerenshus, Oslo –“beta-testing”
2001 Passage Gallery Wien
2000 Ars Electronica Center Linz
1999 Gallery Hippolyte Helsinki
1995 Turku Art Museum Turku 
1995 Gallery Artina Helsinki
1994 Gallery Luukku Joensuu
1993 Gallery Rantagalleria Oulu 
1991 Gallery Finnfoto Helsinki
1991 Gallery Uusikuva Kotka
1990 Gallery Arsenaali Seinäjoki
1989 W.Aaltonen Art Museum Turku 
   2006-(2011) PhD candiadate at Planetary Collegium, Plymouth University
   1996-1998 California Institute of The Arts, (Fulbright grantee) 
   MFA in Critical Studies & Integrated Medias
   1989-1995 University of Art and Design, Helsinki 
   BFA/MFA in photography
   1992-1993 Additional Studies in Academy of Fine Arts,
   Media department (space and time), Helsinki
   2010 The Art Council Of Finland -Project grant
   2008 The Art Council Of Finland -Project grant
   2007-2011 The State Art Council Of Finland / 5 year grant
   2005 Kulturråd -kunst og ny teknologi, Norway   
   2004 Bundeskanzleriamt, Austria
   2003 The Art Council Of Finland
   2002-2005 The State Art Council Of Finland / 3 year grant
   2002 The Art Council Of Finland
   2002 AVEK 
   2001 The Art Council Of Finland
   2000 Finland's Cultural Fund
   1999 AVEK
   1999 VISEK
   1999 Niilo Helander's Foundation
   1999 Pepinieres-residency/EU
   1998 Finland's Cultural Fund
   1998 The Art Council Of Finland
   1997 AVEK (Audiovisual Art Center)
   1997 The Art Council of Southern Finland
   1996 Finland's Cultural Fund
   1996 Fulbright Grant
   1995 The City of Helsinki
   1995 The Art Council Of Finland
   1993 The Art Council Of Finland
   1992 Leo & Regina Weinstein Foundation
   1991 The Cultural Fund of Southern Ostrobothnia Region

2001 Air-Haus, Wien/ Austrian State
2000 MagicMedia / Brussels
1999/2000 Ars Electronica Center -Futurelab / Linz, Austria

Lectures / presentations /etc (recent years)
Presentation and panel participation at ISEA 2011 Istanbul (TR)
Invited lecture / Media Factory, Aalto University in the context of wearable technology workshop (FI)
Invited public lecture at Digitale Kunst-department of Universtität für Angewandte Kunst in Vienna (AT) 
Visiting Professor at Vienna Art& Design University (AT)
Talk at the 11th Consciousness Reframed Conference; part of  the Meta.Morf Biennal Trondheim (NO)  
Invited lecture about wearable technology + art; Body in Posse at  the NTNU (NO) 
Invited lecture at a NTNU organized seminar;  Art, Technology, and Dissemination to Children and Youth (NO) 
Jury member for Live2011 Grand Prix, in the OPEN-category (Turku Capital of Culture program).
Participating in a panel and as a moderator in Art & Technoscience Conference, Helsinki
Invited Visting Artist at Vienna Art& Design University, Nov 09- Jan 10
Talk at Re:Live Media Art History Conference, Melbourne (AU)
Talk at 10th Consciousness Reframed Conference; Art in a Post-biological era, Munich (DE)
Talk at Researchers Forum in University of Art and Design, Helsinki,Finland
Invited visiting artist at Vienna Art&Design University, Fall semester 2009
Organizing an event, symposium and a project about climate change; collaboration between artists and scientists:
partners: Finnish Bioart Society, Kilpisjärvi Biological Station (Helsinki Univ.) and Ars Electronica Center (Linz, AT)
Talk at Arte:Move Symposium in Belo Horizonte and in Sao Paulo (BR)
Talk at Consciousness Reframed: New Realities: Being Syncretic, Vienna (AT)
Talk at Homo Ludens Ludens Conference, Gijon (ES)
Talk at Researching The Future: Art and Technoetics, Prato (IT)
Talk at Mutamorphosis-conferenece, Prague (CZ)
Presentation at The Porous City: Art Claiming the Urban Void, Oslo (NO)
Presentation at CIANT in Prague (CZ)
Artist presentation at HQSparwasser, Berlin (DE)
Talk at Revisioning the Future-conference in Montreal (CA)
Presentation at Pixelache evening in Helsinki (FI)
F. A. Q: Questions about art, consciousness and technology-conference, Sao Paulo (BR)
Interface and Society conference, Heini Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo (NO)
The University of Art and Design, Helsinki (FI)
Waves Festival, Contemporary Art Museum, Riga (LT)
Consciousness Reframed 8; Art & technology in a post-biological era, Plymouth University (UK)
Wearable Futures -conference, Newport Art School, Wales
Space & Perception symposium, Riga
International Computer Arts Festival, Maribor
Matchmaking conference, Trondheim
Art+Communication -Festival for New Media Culture, Riga
Contemporary Art Museum, Oslo
Ultima Festival-Oslo, 
The Music Academy in Oslo, 
Digital Art /Education- Conference in Shanghai 
Intermedia department, Oslo University
Electrohype Festival, Malmö
The University of Art and Design, Helsinki
Siggraph Art Panel 

2010 Debuty Board member and reserve chair of Finnish Bioart Society
2009 Debuty Board member of Finnish Bioart Society
2007-2008 Board member for PNEK (Production Network for Electronic Art, Norway)
2005-2006  Advisor for Amanda Steggel's fellowship project, Theater Academy, Fredrikstad, Norway.
2004-2006  Second advisor for Kari Beata Tandberg's fellowship project, Music Academy, Oslo, Norway.
2002-2006  Professor for New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo
1999/00 Guest Professor at Linz Art University
1993-2001 Visiting lecturer in various art institutes 
1999 Moderating presentations via direct netlink between 
ArsElectronicafestival/Linz, c3-lab/Budapest and v2-lab/Rotterdam.
1998 curated and organized an exhibition and a seminar at the California Institute of the Arts 
 (invited participants; John Baldessaari, Dick Hebdige, Jalal Toufic, Mary Ellen Solt, David Bunn).    
-Participation in several public panels organised by conferences, events or media.    
-Several public appearances or interviews in tv, magazines and other news media.    
-Various texts about her works in catalogues, magazines and other publications.