Hi there!

I am here and you are there and now we can all be everywhere. In 2001 I finally had both time and inspiration to record some of my own material after the busy decade (and more) with Waltari.

Making Solo 2001 has been therapy for me. It's not a demo, not a solo album, it's definitely non commercial and I'm not seeking for a record deal as a solo artist. Solo 2001 is an intimate work of heart and soul, my way to say it can all be done in a simple way, even today. It's my relaxation, my holiday from the big bang, Waltari. Solo 2001 is my intuition and a collection of my feelings in the beginning of the year 2001.

The tracks on Solo 2001 are all different. Of course there's a lot of punky guitars, but otherwise all songs are individuals. I did all the recordings during one week in the silence of the Finnish countryside at Somero. After Janne Parviainen (of Waltari) played in the drums in two hours without having heard one single song on beforehand, I drove my friend's Pontiac to Somero and recorded all the rest: guitars, bass, synths and vocals. And I can tell you, doing the vocals was the hardest part of it all! All the recording was done with Waltari's old 16-track recorder, the same one that was used in the first four or five Waltari albums. Thanks to Jukka Puurula (of Don Huonot) for editing the tapes.

Solo 2001 was originally very personal project, but now it's out and I hope also you can enjoy the rough and simple sounds of it!

Yours, Jariot

Jariot W: Solo 2001

Jariot W: Solo 2001

All songs by Jariot Lehtinen
Lyrics: Jariot & A.Miseris
Guitars, bass, synths and vocals: Jariot
Drums: Janne Parviainen

The opening track THD is included also in Waltari album Release Date (2007).

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