Bad, vile and meaningless: Web wishlist from Alan's clob

Hyphenation support

Here's one more thing that the web needs: hyphenation support. If you think about it, the WWW browser's main role is to layout text, and for a text layouter it's nearly unforgivable to not have support for hyphenation. That's why you see so few pages using justified text (like this one does), because the word spacing then becomes uncontrolled. Instead of adding this sort of weird attributes that have no apparent use (such as <html lang="en" xml:lang="en">, whatever it's supposed to do right now), you could have hyphenation support turned on automatically if the document, or the block being layouted, declares what language it is in.

Obviously, you'll also need some form of registering the exceptional words specific to the page which won't work with the automatic hyphenator. For that purpose, I'm sure people can figure something out. I would personally want to support:

<hyphenation points="foo-bar-baz">

which appears on the page at the spot where the word to be hyphenated lies. If the browser does not know <hyphenation> tag, it will ignore it, and thus gracefully render it right. Once having registered a word, it will then automatically remember the hyphenation points within the page.

I would like to call it hyphenation instead of, say, hyphenate to make it sound declarative rather than imperative.

Why this should not be part of CSS

Because I think it is an error to consider hyphenation a style. It's not a style, it's a fundamental property of the text you are working with, and the text and what is related to it belongs to the HTML page.