Bad, vile and meaningless: Payday from Alan's clob

The happiest day of the month, the payday

However, I got nothing to say about money. I want to talk about free software today. In particular, I was moderately irritated when I saw at Kerneltrap that about 50 % of people who vote thought the End Of Linux[tm], in some form had just arrived.

That was because Linus and Andrew said out loud that they were happy with the way development in 2.6 has gone, and that they intend to continue it.

Soon everybody frothed-mouthedly muttered stability, stability, Linux stability is no more. Yet, it never were that way anyway, so why do you care. Linux is great. Those guys are smart. Lay aside your paranoias and attacks against authorities and just turn your head and listen.

And wipe your mouth.