Bad, vile and meaningless: Extremely tired from Alan's clob

I'm so tired about the work for the upcoming version of that I don't have the cycles to write a single entry.

Bent to the extreme. A bit like Bilbo said: I feel like a knife that's been used to spread butter too thinly. Or actually not, but you get confused, and that was my point.

This is one of those days when you look at yourself in the mirror and feel so spent that not an inkling of a sparkle glitters anywhere in your eyes. Except:


The most amusing book called 'The Philosophical Strangler'. It is more or less a joke book that crashes through Fantasy genre, but the book's a laugh. It dances between bad and abysmal, and manages to be quite a bit funny in the middle. It's basically about a strangler, who is "the finest in his trade", told through the eyes of his agent.

Let's hear a bit of it:

My eyes flicked back and forth from him to the Frissault women. I didn't understand anything of what was happening, mind you. But I am:

  1. Not stupid

  2. Pessimistic

  3. A student of the wise man. Among whose saws, of course, is the classic: "Never try to think of the worst thing that could happen. It's bound to be worse than that anyway."

"No," I groaned. My mind raced like wild horses, trying to think of the worst. "Olga and the girls are Joeist heretics, fleeing from the Inquisition."

Hrundig grinned. "Dead on the money. But it's worse than that, Ignace. They were found out and arrested two weeks ago. Judge Jeffreys set their bail at two hundred thousand quid, no doubt on the assumption that nobody could come up with that kind of money. I wrecked my brains trying to figure out a way to spring them, but it was impossible. You know what the Durance Pile is like. Take an army to break into it."

My mind raced like the wind, trying to think of the worst. "Somebody figured out a way to do it. You? Must have robbed the Royal Treasury."

Hrundig shook his head again. "Worse. Benvenuti came up with the bail money. Got them out yesterday before Jeffreys got wind of what was happening, and turned them over to me."

My mind raced like a hurrican, trying to think of the worst. "He defrauded a noble client," I croaked. "The Queen herself."

Hrundig's grin widened. "Worse. He defrauded the Church. Cardinal Megatherio in particular, but the whole Church is in frenzy because he ah! Never mind the details."

My mind raced like a meteor, trying to think of the worst. "He's on the run. All the forces of the Church and State are looking out for him. And the Frissaults too."

The headshake was inevitable. "Worse. They already caught him. He led them a merry chase, but he figured he could draw the pursuit away from me and Olga and the girls long enough for us to find a hiding place. Which he did. But now he's in the hands of the Inquisition."