Bad, vile and meaningless: Mozilla profiles considered harmful from Alan's clob

Mozilla profiles considered harmful

The misfeature of multiple "profiles" keeps on persisting. In the past, you were invariably punished by attempts to open two browser windows slightly too quickly. One of them starts up, and another pops up the god-damn-annoying and spiteful popup that requires me to build a profile. It would have worked if I had painfully, patiently waited that the first process would have got its window open before trying to launch a new window, at which point the second one contacts the existing process through some socket and requests a new window from it. On the other hand, I wouldn't be me if I wouldn't try to optimize the waiting period even a little, and pressed the icon always slightly earlier, before the main window pops up...

You can still trigger this misfeature in Firefox. The profiles seem nearly completely excised from the user interface, but in the inside, they linger on. In the past, a profile used to have a nice name like "zc9yxwtp.slt". I think that's the name of the default profile when it's autogenerated. Now it's called "default.txm" which isn't half bad. But why is it there? Is there anyone who actually wants that feature? Nope. Didn't think so, either.

So, you'll have to fix this in one of the two ways:

I know this is all ignorant badmouthing about the Mozilla Project's brainchildren, as I don't know a first thing about the actual code, but please, for the love of all things holy, hear me, one of your users, and excise the misfeature called profiles from the codebase. I don't care how, just make them gone!