Bad, vile and meaningless: Russian girl with a bazooka from Alan's clob

Russians and lost boys

I saw a dream of a young boy who was lost somewhere in our old village, and his parents (my mother's sister) were really worried after he didn't show up after a week.

I was kind of telling the story to myself post-mortem. It was a lot like watching a movie. There were some Russian crazy fundies who were destroying a building with a bazooka (the building was some kind of symbol of Russian power), and my cat talked to me and told me it had seen the boy, and at first I didn't know how to ask. But I managed to make it nod to the direction she had been walking where she had spotted some drawings on the ground that smelled like the boy.

(I don't remember the details of the drawings any more. Child's drawings about something.)

Ok, so the boy was in the building, apparently in perfect condition, not even particularly hungry, just a bit lost and abandoned. So we found him there and the mother was hugging the boy fiercely and talking all the sort of stuff mothers talk to boys lost for a week. They were walking slowly away from the building, while the demolishing went on. The crazy Russian fundie was trying to explain something really important about the building in Russian, we couldn't understand, and she obviously got really pissed off at the boy and mother talking over her and not paying any attention to her, so she fired the bazooka at the boy.

The shot hit some tree or something on the ground and the boy was just a few meters from the explosion, and it tore him to bits. I got to watch it all in slow motion, of course.

Inside there was a building and a man sitting at a table was killed and sliced into pieces by flying glass. He was actually talking on the phone and said something like "Oh damn, I died" when his head split into two. Then he fell on the table, but he woke up again and kept on talking, his head split in half. I noticed that his brain was actually made out of rice.