Bad, vile and meaningless: Aaron Swartz Fan Club from Alan's clob

I love reading this guy's stuff.

This is love because of similarity. Not that I can say being as brilliant or as sharp, in fact any statement of this nature makes me feeling that I'm just trying to steal something off him... Maybe because I am? Either way, I feel that I virtually, one-sidedly, have met someone that I would love as a friend in the deepest ways.

Just reading him is uplifting my spirits. I'm mostly struck most by how good he seems to be at critical thinking. And nice bits of honesty, certain resilience to corruption, a straightness of thinking... What can I say? I wish I could better term my appreciation for the existence of mr. Swartz.

My only feeble plea: don't stop shining. Aim as high as you can go. We need people like you.