Bad, vile and meaningless: Kill Bush from Alan's clob

Canadians have the balls the size of Mars

Brought to you by the wish-it-were-true department.

One reason for my exhilaration is what this symbolizes: that even if you are the head of the most powerful nation of the world, you still are not above the international law. (If you are, then you are holding a tyranny.)

It's a bit like the attacks on the towers: I felt amazed to realize that you can slap Amerkers in the face, just like you have slapped Bush in the face at the above picture, for being the international tyrannists and terrorists that they are. If the matter wasn't so costly in human lives, it'd be kinda funny. But alas, it has nothing funny whatsoever in it.

Meanwhile, our mainstream media will keep on having small funny stories about what happens in Amerka: like, because Bush's second term, certain Christian opinions have become even further accepted. One instance is that the networks have a problem showing the movie "Save Private Ryan". This amazing movie full of extremely well depicted violence is frowned upon because they swear too much.

It's that kind of stuff. It doesn't really relate to facts in grand scale. But the tone of these articles is unmistakable. They're out there poking fun at fundamentalism that seems such amerkan a phenomenom.

How did America get to the point starts to seem like the new Soviet Union?

We must continue to fight for our freedoms, lest they be eroded away. Remember, Amerkers, your own constitution holds praise of the importance of "the spirit of resistance against the government". It's time you took those words to your hearts, and were born again as Americans.