Bad, vile and meaningless: Night's plans from Alan's clob

Living, breathing and planning music

My big brother's cd collection is at my disposal. Strange as it seems, of his thousand CDs or so I could only find one that I wanted. I'm sure that sort of statement picques your curiosity. But it's a piano album, and no, it isn't Keiko Matsui or Joe Hisaishi or anything like that. It's still a Japanese guy, nevertheless, one called Izumi Tateno playing some Finnish music.

I think that Tateno's playing is strange. I mean, it's strange to listen to him playing Oskari Merikanto, because how he plays it makes it sound more tranquil and deep than I expect. It gives it foreign quality, and suddenly the familiar stuff I grew up with feels like Chopin or something. A meditative approach to composer whose works are somewhere between real concert piano music and Finnish folk music.

Mr. Tateno suffered a stroke that paralyzed the right half of his body. Terribly bad luck for us all, Izumi-san. I don't remember much of him despite I was in one of his concerts somewhere close to Oulu a few years ago. It was summer and I have a recollection of a brightly sunlit room... I think it was his wife that was reading some kind of children's story and mr. Tateno played the piano for appropriate sounds and moods.

This music is different from other music by a production value: you can actually go out and buy a songbook that holds the source code for each song. (Hint: this is a great business idea, so someone please take it up and do the same for lots and lots of music!)

My bro's a piano player. So, this takes us few years back to a time when I heard him play Erkki Melartin's Barcarole (Op. 59/1) and I thought it sounded fascinating and beautiful. So I asked him what it was.

Ever since, I've hunted stores of classical music for a copy of that song, but I could find none. So here I am, shamelessly ripping mr. Tateno's rendition of it into oggs. Actually, just the wavs would do, but this stupid gstreamer doesn't appear to support wav files... It's called progress, I suppose. Or perhaps just GNOME braindamage.

I'm in xfce right now because Ubuntu unstable (or better put: Ubuntu unusable) broke GNOME just before I had to leave here. I dunno, but I seem to remember that for years I've had trouble with GNOME that usually materializes in similar fashion. For instance, if it doesn't crash more or less immediately, it might give you a splash screen that sticks on the screen and that's it. Or I am treated with a blank screen after the slpash has gone away, as it happens in this case.

A reflection

I'm starting to think that significance of life -- the only significance that I can think of -- is the ability to remember the experiences you have had and not simply let them drift past you. The one who is significant remembers. That sounds like fantasy rubbish, but my point is that it genuinely worries me that I don't have any real memory of listening to Mr. Tateno's playing. I can only surmise that it felt alien to me, and thus I didn't really manage to accept it.