Bad, vile and meaningless: We are diminished by our numbers from Alan's clob

We are diminished by our numbers is the theme for a new space opera that I cooked up. Various cultures around the known galaxy are devastated to small splinters, disconnected, perhaps due to a long-standing devastating war.

The story starts with a mockery from the death of Brunnan-G from Lexx. The "Brunnan-G" are in a devastated spacecraft in space, hunted by one of other spaceships whose most prominient feature is a green-yellow ray in space. The Brunnan-G crashland on a planet, and scatter about, many died in a crash, some others just wander about, regrouping, thinking what to do. The green-rayed spacecraft descends on them and we hear commands like "Widen targetting sensors to the group of survivals". The green ray becomes a rectangle that illuminates the whole crashsite and some extra hundreds of meters. "Fire!" The screen bursts in yellow for a split second, and all the Brunnan-Gs have vanished. The spaceship takes off... but someone who was knocked out in the crash remains behind, outside the reach of the targetting laser, thus a survivor, the last of his race (and thus, utterly powerful).

The heroes of this opera are in a spaceship of some kind, just a sad bunch of looneys from the different races. Old and aging and weak, or young and crazy, couple of sensible middle-aged "people" of some kind. There's a power struggle going on. One of their number wants to become the leader, while the others think that it's likely a bad deal for them, because they know that this guy would repress and even kill the others in securing his position. Outside, a distress signal is heard and a small spacecraft with one person in stassis arrives. She is moved in by robots, and proves out to be a plump girl.

Recovered, we learn that her name is Flower Desc. She represents the human kind. Her sweater has miniature renditions of all the flags, only apparent up close. From a distance, it has a dirty red tint, and no flags are to be made out. What special capabilities Flower Desc has is not exactly clear, and she can't tell you that either, but if you use her in a right kind of battle, she will have a totally devastating effect.

Delenn appears, as a slam against Babylon 5, as a power-hungry bitch. It would be vital to have the very same actor appear in this production. She used to know the people whose death/other circumstances caused the power struggle. Delenn appears, wearing black leather gloves and starts right off the bat with a manipulative, commanding tone. "You would start here without accounting for me, huh?" or something like that. But being a woman, she is a bit vain, and that would be represented by her admiring her gloves which would be very nicely black and smooth indeed (which is a symbol and key to understanding the peculiarities of her perverse character).

And so on. Only those two people did I manage to drag off dreamland, to make some of their features remain solid in the waking world, repeating who they were and what they represented to retain them, allowing the lesser parts to fall into oblivion, and laughing my ass off with the total insanity of yet another dream-conceived movie/series.

The theme "We are diminished by our numbers" is something I quite frankly honestly believe. If there's 6 billion humans on the planet, I think we each are made collectively less important (regarding whatever destiny we are going towards) than if there were somewhat less of us. 5 billion, 4, 3, 2, 1, some other but distinctly smaller number. It's simply a fact that this dream capitalized on this feeling that I have, and as a consequence superheroes are born when you manage to genocide nearly the whole species. It's just the world my characters would inhabit.

The worst bit was that when I were asleep I thought I was simply remembering some real flick. It wasn't all that apparent in my sleep that this kind of sickness would not fly worth two inches. Some day, if I will fail to wake up, I'll be living on that space ship.