Bad, vile and meaningless: Copy Protected CD from Alan's clob

Just to let everyone know.

Thanks for the fuckers at the CD company, I got a CD from Joe Hisaishi that's called Symphonic Best Selection. It's an excellent CD, great music, but the fuckers of the japanese CD company (whose name I can't even figure out because it's all in Japanese) have protected the whole CD making it unreadable in most computers. But luckily always there's one CD drive that totally ignores the copy protection, so I make a free offer to make copies of this CD to anyone or make the music publicly available to anyone who requests it.

That's what you get from pissing off someone who likes buying CDs but is really pissed in getting substandard crap in return.

Fuck you, anonymous japanese CD company. It's a pity I can't work out your name.