Bad, vile and meaningless: Israel from Alan's clob


"Permit me to create a 'frame' that Israel is a nuclear-armed, repressive apartheid State, led by an old soldier with more than 50 years personal participation in acts of genocide and it's outrageous that the west even trades with it -- let alone provide it with advanced weaponry and massive financial subsidies.

"Contrast with the number of times you were invited, by participants in the media spectacle, to share their frame and consider the merits of attacking Iraq and removing its demonized leader who allegedly 'gassed his own people'."

Just a friendly reminder that things in the world are not always what they seem (taken from commentary of a book review of Do Not Think of an Elephant which had some comments). Feast on the links while they last.

"Why is it that 'concern' over Iraq/Iran/Who's next's? 'WMDs' is an ongoing matter of fevered debate in mainstream media networks (CNN, Fox, the BBC etc), whereas there's barely any mention at all of Israel's real and very sophisticated WMDs? These are not limited to an arsenal of 200+ nuclear warheads; there's also a large Biological and Chemical warfare capability - see Send Hans Blix to Nes Ziona at antiwar"

I personally aren't very interested in Zionist stuff and even less of the great Jewish conspiracy stuff. But I am worried at the expansionalist attitudes of the U.S. and the invasion of conversationism in Europe, a process that is well underway and will probably also shift our politics before long.

I believe in progressive values. (See the Don't Think of and Elephant link for explanation of what they are.)