Bad, vile and meaningless: Junkasu from Alan's clob

This girl's brain is full of black technology!

With a title like that it's obvious that I have seen some anime lately. I did see the beginnings of a few things. I haven't completed any of these series yet.


1 episode. Coldish stuff. I never felt the kind of excitement from Ghost in the Shell, nor Avalon, nor this one. I guess it just isn't for me. Since this is just 14 eps or something I expect I might waste half a day at some point to complete this.

Fullmetal Alchemist

2 episodes. Based on the first few episodes this is bottom of the barrel. Awful, lame stuff that has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Avoid at all costs.

The Last Exile

3 episodes. Looks reasonably promising, although I feel this one is ridiculously heavy in its style. It reminds me strongly of miyazaki animes. A whole wide world to contend with. It seems sweet though. I expect I'll like it a great deal when I get to continue. I don't think I've even seen the plot's beginnings yet, so I can't tell what's it really going to be like.

Full Metal Panic

14 episodes. Despite its awkward beginning, this is somewhat meta-anime and manages to be genuinely entertaining. Almost all episodes have some very weak spots but on the other hand they also have lot of redeeming qualities, too. The setting borrows heavily from all other animes, somehow there's quite a bit of Nadesico/Evangelion/WhateverElse. I'd hesitate to actually recommend this but somehow this has been the easiest to accept so far.

Junkers Come Home

1 movie, completed. This is basically a story of a very lonely young girl. Her parents work too much, she has almost no friends, her mentor (for which she harbours a slight crush) is going to get married, and to top it off, her parents are thinking about a divorce. But she does have one special thing, the company of a talking dog, Junkers.

Junkers Come Home was very touching, and it was also very real-world story. There's no black technology hypergirls or secret government agencies, just a little girl whose world is breaking apart and who is desperate to save at least some part of it. If you invest a little bit of yourself while watching this one you should be well rewarded.

More to come...

There's a couple of more animes yet. I'll probably revise this entry when I get some kind of clue of what they are like.