Bad, vile and meaningless: Sidplay2 broken in breezy from Alan's clob

This is just a quick note for thing like google to index.

Sidplay2 compiled in Breezy Badger is b0rked by the compiler used (GCC-4.0).

The symptoms are at least the following:

Some users for x86 machines have noted that the problems went away on their GCC after compiling with -O0, but I was not so lucky on AMD64. Your best bet is to compile your own sidplay with GCC-3.4, and throw 4.0 into the rubbish bin. Here's the steps to correct the problem:

apt-get install g++-3.4 fakeroot
apt-get source libsidplay2-c1
apt-get build-dep libsidplay2-c1
cd sidplay-libs-2.1.1
fakeroot debian/rules binary-arch
cd ..
sudo dpkg -i *.deb

If you like you can do a small sound quality improvement before compiling. Find builders/resid/src/resid.cpp and change the function:

void ReSID::sampling (uint_least32_t freq) {
        freq, 11025, 1.0

This configures sidplay to apply a sharp cutoff filter at the original Nyqvist frequency of the original sid chip. This should improve the output quality by chopping off some of the brightest discant that sidplay2 otherwise will generate in its output. Of course whether you really like this is matter of taste, but it should sound more authentic nevertheless.