Bad, vile and meaningless: HardSID-Catweasel 0.01 from Alan's clob

HardSID-Catweasel Mk4 driver released



This project is meant for user of Linux 2.6 kernel with Catweasel Mk4 card which is fitted with two SID chips. If you use only 1 chip or some other card, this project is completely useless to you.

Reason for existence

This project exists until Simon White, the current maintainer of HardSID driver (which also runs Catweasel Mk4) comes up with a better driver. The basic intent is to cooperate with Simon and improve the HardSID driver rather than maintain this driver for all eternity. In the meantime, this driver is the best available for driving a Catweasel Mk4 card with two SIDs.


This driver makes use of the 1024-byte hardware FIFO on the Catweasel Mk4 card. It creates a /dev/hardsid file which accepts data in the hardsid protocol. You may use sidplay2 with the --hardsid switch. In order for this switch to work you need a sidplay2 that is compiled with hardsid-builder library installed on the system. Additionally, the device name needs to be /dev/sid and the permissions must be suitable. For this purpose, some kind of udev or devfs hack is probably required. Until then, a ln -s and chmod is enough.

The driver splits the single hardsid stream into two channels and sends the commands to both SID slots on the card, achieving stereo playback. It is unknown what happens if the other SID is not installed.

Difference to hardsid's experimental Catweasel mk4 branch


Other issues

Future direction

Nothing much is set in stone yet. I believe I'll try to write a useful little utility that I've dubbed "the SID companion" that samples soundcard audio input and allows one to control the mixing ratios of SID sounds with a slider, allowing a graceful slide from fully mono output to partial stereo with the chips.