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Time : Wed Mar 4 23:21:05 1998
Name : Gerald Masterson
Address : 6 Orbiston Gardens, GB-G32-7XS Glasgow, Scotland UK
A:??m L: English E: college O:unemployed H: internet, music, sports
Signal is : Good
Greetings to others: hello please write

Time : Wed Mar 4 08:30:10 1998
Name : EcStasy / Stcey the Russian / Anastasia
Address : PO Box 14-09, RU-690014 Vladivostok, RUSSIA
A:19f L: English, Russian E: college junior O: translator / English tutor H: exploring the outer world, being lost in love, enjoying nature every minute and second of the day, communicating with interesting people, being a special lady of a special man and lots and lots of other things...
Signal is : I am glad that such things exist.
Greetings to others : Are good-looking, lustful for or having an exciting life human being? Athletic and romantic? The one who wants to throw down the challenge to the distance and talk to another side of the planet? Share with me!

Time : Wed Mar 4 08:02:30 1998
Name : Jason Watts
Address : 30 Senlac Road, North York, Ontario, CANADA
A:28m L: English E: college O: long-haul truck driver H: photography, art, reading, naval history, computers, making wine, sauna's, skiing, camping, travel
Signal is : great opprotunity to meet people
Greetings to others : I'm interested in e-mail or mail from finnish women who have the same interests as I do between the ages of 21 to 28 years of age. I'm cute, 6'2" 190lbs and fit. My family history is finnish.....I'm looking for the same kind of person.

Time : Tue Mar 3 19:47:24 1998
Name : Minna Address : FINLAND
A:23 female L: English, Swedish E: high school H: animals rights, theatre, vegetarian cooking
Signal is : Good
Time : Tue Mar 3 17:08:16 1998
Name : Koukouche Abderrahmane
Address : Amal 4, Rue 52, N° 7 Sidi Bernoussi, Casablanca, MOROCCO
A:18m L: French E: student O: education H: football, music, send with girls
Signal is : good
Greetings to others: to send me

Time : Tue Mar 3 03:51:01 1998
Name : Francis Theberge
Address : 86 Johanne, CA-J0N-1H0 Ste-Anne-Des-Plaines, Quebec, CANADA

A:19m L:e E:3 O:4 H:13 14 15 21 24 25 26 30 31
Signal is : very cool !
Greetings to others : I'm looking to for Asian females (I'm crazy about Japan!) ... but people from all around the world is cool too!

Time : Mon Mar 2 23:27:38 1998
Name : Yana
Address : Moscow, RUSSIA
A:22f L: English, Russian E: student of 3 course O: lawer H: reading, having fun, going out, movies, animals, shopping, knowing more about other countries and cultures
Signal is : Cool!!!
Greetings to others : Hi everybody! I am 22 years old Russian girl. I would like to have E-mail friends from all over the world. I'll respond to everyone who writes to me!

Time : Mon Mar 2 22:10:37 1998
Name : Goufra Brahim
Address : Derb Moulay Cherif Rue 12, N°2 Hay Mohammadi, Casablanca, MOROCCO
A:25m L: Arabic, English, French O:travel H:14 15 20 26 32 33 50 51
Signal is : perfect magazine
Greetings to others: good luck

Time : Mon Mar 2 21:48:50 1998
Name : Koukouche Abderrahmane
Address : Amal 4, Rue 52, N° 7 Sidi Bernoussi, Casablanca, MOROCCO
A:18m L: French O: football H: music, party
Signal is : good
Greetings to others: send me

Time : Mon Mar 2 21:34:59 1998
Name : Lmoumene Fouad
Address : Amal 4, Rue52, N°5 Sidi Bernoussi, Casablanca, MOROCCO
A:24m L: French O: travel H: sport , music
Signal is : good
Greetings to others: to send me

Time : Mon Mar 2 20:25:51 1998
Name : Kassu L
Address : Lapland, FINLAND
A:35m L:e fi E: high O: manager H:sport, movies, computers, superbikes
Signal is : very good
Greetings to others : Welcome all beautiful women

Time : Mon Mar 2 17:22:30 1998

JPBB139+ Miko Tominaga, 5-707 Omori, Moriyama-ku, JP-463-0021 Nagoya, JAPAN. A:38f L:e j H:11 13 15 28 29 30 48 50 51 68 69 70 73.

LKBC2- R D S Jayalath, Block Offices MEA-L, Padavi Parakramapur, SRI LANKA. A:39 L:e E: BSc agriculture H:15 68 69, exchange ideas.

JABC3- Shoko Iwashita, 222 Noguchi, Taimei-machi; Tama-gun, JP-869-0222 Kumamoto, JAPAN. A:16f L:e H:68 in France.

RUBC6-+ Galina Vishenetskaya, Studenaya Str 6 apt 39, RU-410044 Saratov, RUSSIA. A:55f, 167/74, divorced, cheerful, careful, faithful O: dentist L:e H: 20 27 48 68 69 70 (m 55-60).

MDBC7-+ Svetlana A Melikian, str Fedkp 18 B ap 49, MD-3300 Tiraspol, MOLDOVA. A:?f, daughter 4, Christian, divorced E:2 L:e r. I enjoy to create small home’s holidays, to meet guests, listen to music, read detectives... H:68 69 70 (m Europe, N. Africa).

Time : Mon Mar 2 13:23:49 1998
Name : Petri O.
Address : Vilpunk. 2 F, FI-02230 Espoo, FINLAND
A:27m L:e g sw E:3 O:9 H:21 34 37 38 52 68
Signal is : So many great people, so little time...
Greetings to others : But throw me a mail from... anywhere!

Time : Mon Mar 2 12:14:01 1998

USBB149- Kyle K Kilgore, PO Box 10000-65095, Limon CO 80826, USA. A:35m L:e H:68f 73.

UABB150-+ Diana Yankovskaya, Flat 59 House 81 Yunost Boulevard St, UA-282030 Vinnitsa, UKRAINA. A:42f, 170/74, divorced, son 20 L:e H:15 27 42 48 68 69m 73 .

USBB155- James A Taylor B068704-I1-2-15T, Liberty Corr Inst, HCR 2 Box 144, Bristol FL 32321-9711, USA. A:37m, black, 5’11"/190 lbs L:e H:15 27 46 48 68 73.

GHBB156- Mohammed Awwal, PO Box 3845, Kumasi, GHANA. A:16m L:e H:32 33 39 48 68 73.

GHBB157- Adom Yeboah, Foundation Preparatory School, PO Box 38, Begoro ER; GHANA. A:12m L:e H:68 73.

Time : Mon Mar 2 09:35:46 1998
Name : Sergey
Address : Suvorov st. 32/7, UA-235000 Kherson, UKRAINE
A:21m L: English E: 5th years student O:student H: computer, sport
Signal is : It's great...
Time : Mon Mar 2 07:58:12 1998
Name : EcStasy
Address : POBox 14-09, RU-690014 Vladivostok, RUSSIA
A:19 female L: English, Russian E:business college student O: part-time English translator and English tutor H:exploring the outer world and writing with fingers on a man's bare hand for his to guess what I wrote :)
Signal is : I can't wait to send my ad!!!
Greetings to others : Europe, would like to hear from you!!! ( Plan to go to Europe this summer for a tour)

Time : Sun Mar 1 15:46:21 1998
Name : Kend Address : USA
A:30m L: English E: B.A. degree O:sales/ marketing
Signal is : A great doorway to the world
Greetings to others : hope to hear from people in Malaysia, Singapore, Ireland, Africa, Japan, India, England. I am interested in a close friendship with possible future visits to your country. I like raggae music, British & American pop music, jazz, languages, racquetball, soccer, mountaing climbing, and travelling

Time : Sun Mar 1 12:01:28 1998
Name : Mumtaz Khan
Address : Block No 2/C House No-11, A.D.B.P Colony, Islamabad, PAKISTAN

A:23m L: English, Urdu H: cricket, travelling, stamps collecting
Signal is : Nice
Greetings to others: *Smiling*

Time : Sun Mar 1 09:21:06 1998
Name : Yan Perron
Address : 966 Paul Sicotte, CA-J7E-5A6 Sainte-Therese QC, CANADA
A:19m L:e f E:3 O:4 H:13 14 15 16 21 26 30 50 51 52
Signal is : Incredible!
Greetings to others : Interested especially in Japan, but anywhere is fine too!

Time : Sat Feb 28 20:45:03 1998
Name : Jean-Paul
Address : 42 Typhoon Str, ZA-7405 Kensington, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
A:30m L: English E: education degree O:communications consultant H:Computers in particular the net, travelling, music, reading, poetry, animals. I am a fun loving person interested in corresponding with females from other countries. What I am seeking is not an on-line love affair but a true friendship. I would be open to correspondence via email almost on a daily basis.
Signal is : great
Time : Sat Feb 28 20:14:00 1998
Name : Carl Hamilton
Address : Monte Carlo, MONACO
A:28m L:e f g i s E: postgraduate O:lawyer H: tennis, golf, watersport, travelling, women, fast cars, etc
Signal is : c´est magnifigue!
Greetings to others : you can count on me...

Time : Sat Feb 28 17:52:09 1998
Name : Sanghyun
Address : 125 Namsandong 2 dong, Taegu, S. KOREA
A:34 male L: English E: university O:designer H: movie, driving, sex, 2545506
Signal is : very good
Greetings to others : thanki

Time : Sat Feb 28 15:10:19 1998
Name : J.K.
Address : Kymenlaakso, FINLAND
A:26m L: Finnish E: yeah O: farm H:nature, sports, think, music, culture
Signal is : interesting
Greetings to others : please females write to me

Time : Sat Feb 28 13:15:59 1998
Name : Veronika Bindrich
Address : G.-Hauptmann Str.14, city??, GERMANY

A:17f L: English, deutsch E: student O:? H: reading...
Signal is : Hello!
Time : Fri Feb 27 20:24:24 1998
Name : Larry
Address : Dallas, Texas, USA
Email or
A:?? male L: English E: college O:computers H: computers, bowling, fishing
Signal is : it's great
Greetings to others : looking for friends in other countries

Time : Fri Feb 27 19:34:28 1998
Name : Laura
Address : 19 Sixth St SE #B, Washington, DC 20003, USA
A:24f L:e E:3 H: everything...
Greetings to others : Hi there... I'm looking for snail-mail pals all over the world! Write me!

or Explorer ?
Why not to test
from Norway ??

Time : Fri Feb 27 13:27:54 1998
Name : Kevin Scholl
Address : 1255 Lincoln St. #11, Santa Clara, CA 95050, USA
A:42m L:e E:3 O:11 H:15 17 26 46 69 74 75
Signal is : Wonderful opportunity
Greetings to others : Looking for Japanese females for friends

Time : Fri Feb 27 05:43:00 1998
Name : Malcolm Mathieson
Address : Orange, AUSTRALIA
A:41m L: English E: high school O:photographer H: cycling, travel
Time : Fri Feb 27 05:21:46 1998
Name : Vision Gal
Address : 222 Cartier St, Ottawa, Ontario post code??, CANADA
A:33f L:f O:5 7 H:17 15
Signal is : Its great
Greetings to others: Hello out there!

Time : Fri Feb 27 02:36:27 1998
Name : Luis Contreras
Address : A.P. 2129, city, COUNTRY??
A: 29m E: postgraduated O:businessman H: exchange all kind of ideas
Greetings to others : Hi, I´d like exchange "Home based business opportunities", even if you don´t have any. I will tell you how to earn money!
Time : Fri Feb 27 02:13:36 1998
Name : Luis Daniel Cárdenas
Address : Anaxìmenes 1539, Col. Universitaria, MX-80010 Culiacán Sin., MEXICO
A:25m L: English, French O: informatic H: collect stamps
Signal is : It´s great!
Greetings to others : I´d like exchange mint stamps worldwide

Time : Thu Feb 26 17:49:34 1998
Name : Christian Address : GERMANY
A:40m L:e g
Signal is : Very good!
Greetings to others : I seek a lady for serious relationship, maybe from Asia or Africa.

Time : Thu Feb 26 16:49:27 1998
Name : Ken Ward
Address : Teignmouth, Devon, ENGLAND
A:51m L: English, Spanish O: sales manager H: sport, internet, travel
Signal is : Great
Greetings to others : Hello everybody, send lots of e-mails

Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 10:26:46 -0400
Name : Walter D Souza
Address : P.O. Box 2113, Otrobanda, Curacao, NETHERLAND ANTILLES
Email A:27m, still single ??, nationality Indian
Greetings to others: Hi Friends, am from India but now living in Curacao, Carribean. Like nature, music, poems. Want to know different cultures, people. Am alien !!! *smile*. Any human beings out there, want to talk to me ???? I don't care about natinality, sex or age of people. I want friends.
Time : Thu Feb 26 05:35:08 1998
Name : Kajsa Address : SWEDEN
A:20f L:e s O: model H: naughty lads...
Signal is : cool
Time : Thu Feb 26 05:33:04 1998
Name : Carl Hamilton
Address : Gamla stan (old town) in SWEDEN
A:27m L:e s f fr g i E: postgraduate O:student H: travelling, languages, cooking, sport, cultures, art, clothes, cars, etc
Signal is: :)
Time : Thu Feb 26 05:25:14 1998
Name : Kriss Stewart
Address : PO Box 531 Oshtemo, MI 49077-0531, USA
A:29 male L: English E: grad school O:self employed H: I am coming to Finland. I want a female guide... do help?? I will be in Finland early june.
Signal is : I love it
Greetings to others: boo

Time : Thu Feb 26 04:49:03 1998
Name : Stephen Quinn
Address : 3034 255th Ave. S.E., Issaquah, WA 98029, USA
A:35m L: English E: MA degree O:engineer H: see here for hobbies / photos:
Signal is : Great
Greetings to others : Seeking Asian female pen pals...

Time : Thu Feb 26 02:18:33 1998
Name : Sohail
Address : K-3/2 4th Lane d.h.a, PK-75500 Karachi pak, PAKISTAN
A:23m L: English, Urdu, Russian, Afgan E: O: business H : long car drive
Time : Thu Feb 26 01:26:24 1998
Name : Juan Carlos Gonzalez
Address : 245-C Perkins Road, city, COUNTRY ???
A:?? male L: Spanish and English E:college level O: electronics technician H: computer, internet, fitness, outdoors
Signal is : not bad!!
Time : Wed Feb 25 22:40:19 1998
Name : Sweet Aladdin
Address : London, ENGLAND, Europe
A:21m L: English, French, Portuguese E:degree O: international marketing H:travelling, chillin' with friends and family, music, parties, spending money, shopping
Signal is : Its all good...
Greetings to others : Caring and outgoing gentleman for cultural exchange and good times all round...

Time : Wed Feb 25 19:50:00 1998
Name : Jak
Address : pur 31, Helsinki, FINLAND
A:16 male L: English E: high school O:student H: football and writing
Signal is : love
Greetings to others : Hi all. Let's join and talk about love

Time : Wed Feb 25 15:58:34 1998
Name : Vesku Address : FINLAND
A:23m L: English, Finnish E: enough O:hospital electronics H: cycling road and mtb, music, hifi
Signal is : Endo?
Greetings to others : Remember, big brother is watching 8-)

Time : Wed Feb 25 14:36:17 1998
Name : Naji Abu Sarhan
Address : PO Box 1038, Aqaba, JORDAN
A:38 male L: Arabic E: high shool H:friendship by phone, travel, exchange cd
Signal is : good ok
Greetings to others : if you like friends send my email and telphone
Time : Wed Feb 25 16:03:22 1998

ZWBB130a- Ngwana Ludovica, PO Box MP 1381, Mt Pleasant, Harare, ZIMBABWE. A:30 L:e H: travelling, going out, love friends.

ZWBB130b- Dada Makoba, PO Box MP 1381, Mt Pleasant, Harare, ZIMBABWE. A:31 L:e H:15 39 68 69 73.

MABB131-+ Mohamed Ben Said, 465 Bd Ambassadeur Benaicha, Roches Noires, MA-20300 Casablanca, MOROCCO. A:28m, 64/170 L:e f g a O: journalist H:20 27 32 39 48 68 73.

JPBB133- Haruna Yoshida, 3-32 Shinohara-dori, Nakagawa-ku; Nagoya-city, JP-454-0839 Aichi-ken, JAPAN. A:14f L:e H:4 68f FI.

JABB134- Nobuko Kusaka, 1-9-1 Ishimaru; Nishi-ku, Fukuoka-shi, JP-819-0025 Fukuoka, JAPAN. A:17f L:e H:68 FI.

JABB135- Kumiko Sasaki, 35-2 Sanbonmatsu Iwaizumiaza, Iwaizumi-cho; Shimohet-gun, JP-027-0501 Iwate, JAPAN. A:15f L:e H:32 48 68f FI.

JABB140- Shuko Tomura, Kasamidate 56-1; 404, Nishi-zyo Oharu-cho, Ama-gun, JP-490-1144 Aichi; JAPAN. A:17f L:e H:4 68 (m 17-20) FI.

UABB141++ Victoria Androshchuk, Per K Marxa 12/85, UA-286034 Vinnitsa, UKRAINE. A:29f, 163/59, fair hair, green eyes O: doctor physician. I’m honest, kind, intelligent, sincere, gentle... H:32 42 48, homelife, 68 69 70 (m 35-45, financially secure, educayted, loyal, kind) L:r e.

USBB142- Manuel Betancourt, 307 Chutney Dr, Orlando FL 32825, USA. A:49m, 5’4"/110 lbs, Hispanic, divorced O:guidance administrator, registrar H:15 32 48 68 69.

GHBB143-+ Monica Kisman, c/o Franco, PO Box 41, Awutu Bawjiase, GHANA. A:20f L:e H:20 30 48 68 69 70, send return postage.

GHBB144- Sakyi Samuel, Unity Queens Hall, PO Box 2043, Sunyani BA, GHANA. A:19m L:e H:30 68 73.

Time : Wed Feb 25 00:40:15 1998
Name : Rafi-Ud-Dowla
Address : B-14/E-6,A.G.B. Colony Motijheel, BD-1000 Dhaka, BANGLADESH
A:19m L: English E: college O: student H:68 73, sports
Signal is : my fave of all
Greetings to others : got the right chose.... look for it u ll get it too

Time : Tue Feb 24 19:21:49 1998
Name : Alexia
Address : Virginia, USA
A:18 L: English E: college O: manager H:talking to cool people!!!
Signal is : cool!!!
Greetings to others: :o) e-mail me!!

Time : Tue Feb 24 19:12:19 1998
Name : Glen Wren
Address : PO Box 697, Iraan, Texas zip???, USA
L: English E: Master of Arts O: band director H: music, golf, antique cars
Signal is : outstanding
Greetings to others : Hello everyone. Let's communicate.

Time : Tue Feb 24 17:53:16 1998
Name : Guru
Address : 1756, Vasanth (ews) Colony, MS 600040, INDIA
A:40m L: Hindi, English E: MA O:business H: basketball, travel, tv, gym, movie, restaurant
Signal is : Great, helping to get good connection
Greetings to others : Hai, I am new! Share your joy! Email me! Photo exchange!

Time : Tue Feb 24 17:51:27 1998
Name : Babu G.
Address : 1756,Vasanth (ews) Colony, MS 600040, INDIA
A:29m L: Hindi, English E: MA O:business H: basketball, travel, tv, gym, movie, restaurant
Signal is : Great - helping to get good connection
Greetings to others : Hai, I am new! Share your joy! Email me! Photo exchange!

Time : Tue Feb 24 12:19:20 1998

JPBB121- Takashi Nuruki, Mezon Nangoku 106, 14-23 Simotatuo-cho, JP-892-0852 Kagosima-si, JAPAN. A:26m L:e H:15 68 FI .

JABB123- Miyuki Motegi, 74-3 Uzura, Ohra-machi; Ohra-gun, JP-370-0601 Gunma, JAPAN. A:19f L:e H:30 48 68 FI, growing herb.

PKBB124-+ Zahid Hussain Ansari, H No 17 Ward No 11, Mohalla Belay, PK-31200 Layyah, Punjab; PAKISTAN. A:25m E: BA L:e H:20 27 53 56 68.

MABB127- Balkoumi Azeddine, Rue 103 No 75 PAM 2, Kenitra, MOROCCO. A:27m L:f H:33 48 68.

Time : Tue Feb 24 08:20:33 1998
Name : David Lee
Address : Ghim Moh Estate Post Office, PO Box 354, SG-912742 Singapore, SINGAPORE
A:34m L: English E: university O:education H: sports, travelling, history, current affairs
Signal is : A great place for meeting friends
Greetings to others : Hi everyone. I look forward to getting your interesting mail

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