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Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 22:02:25 +0800
Name | age | sex:
Venkatesh Kumar / 29 / male
Education: bachelor degree in engineering
Occupation: regional manager
Languages: English, Tamil, Hindi
Hobbies: badminton, making friends
Signal is: good
Time: Mon Jun 15 10:08:22 1998
Name : Matahari
Address : 732, Jalan Rasah, MY-70300 Seremban, N. Sembilan, MALAYSIA
A:22 female E: my school burn and my teacher died O: $$$? H: smiling, eating, snorkeling, swimming, music, peace & animals
Signal is : You all did a great job!!
Greetings to others : Keep you forest and world GREEN!!..

Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 13:08:06 -0500 (GMT+5)
Name | age | sex: Nandan Aidur 31 m
Address: 26, ist floor, 7th A main, CHBS Layout, Vijayanagar, IN-560040 Bangalore, INDIA
Education: college +
Occupation: employed
Languages: English, Hindi, and many more
Hobbies: biking, music, computers, eroticaa
Signal is: a great place to be
Greetings: Hi, everyone. Write 2 me. Reply assured. Photo if possible, please send.
Name | age | sex:
Stephnie Patti, 18 female
Address: 19060 Jefferies Rd., Cottonwood CA 96022, USA
Homepage: under construction
Education: high school grad
Occupation: none
Languages: English
Hobbies: e-mail exchange, surf net
Signal is: very good and informative
Greetings: 18 yr. old bi girl wants same for e-mail friend
Name | age | sex: Lenny, 32 male
Address: USA
Education: 4 year degree technical
Occupation: teacher
Languages: English
Hobbies: motorcycle racing
Signal is: very interesting
Greetings and salutations
Name | age | sex: Gary, 21 male
Address: USA
Languages: English
Hobbies: writing to broadminded girls about sex
Signal is: the best
Greetings: all broadminded girls write
Name | age | sex: Dick
Address: USA
Greetings: Hi, guys. I'm a bisexual guy looking to talk hot on the phone
Time: Sun Jun 14 15:16:19 1998
Name : Gerard
Address : 181 rue Diderot, FR-94500 Champigny, FRANCE
A:35m L:f g e i, some j E:3 O:10 H:13 14 15 20 21 25 26 28 30 32 33 49 50 68 69 70 73
Signal is : good way to communicate
Greetings to others : bonjour to everybody

Time: Sun Jun 14 14:31:29 1998
Name : Anne Hartikainen
Address : Sirkkalankuja 1 b, FI-00760 Helsinki, FINLAND
A:35f L: Finnish, English H : travelling
Signal is : great
Greetings to others : Hi! I would like find a good friendship and even more by sending this ad. I´m looking for your message!

Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998 14:35:42 +0800
Name | age | sex: Aleta / 15 / female
Education: high school student
Occupation: unemployed
Languages: English
Hobbies: hanging with mates, going to the beach, writting songs, listening to music
Signal is: not sure, first time here, haven't really looked around
Greetings: Hey ya!!!!!! Want someone to write to???? Drop me a line and I garrentee a reply!!!!!!
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998 20:20:42 +1200
Name | age | sex: Nini / 47 / female
Education: Tertiary
Occupation: teacher
Languages: English, Maori
Hobbies: gardening, reading, golf, spectator sports
Signal is: OK so far...
Greetings: Looking froward to communicating with others around the world
Time: Sun Jun 14 08:37:33 1998
Name : Glen Surat
Address : Florida, USA
A:35m L:English E: college O: engineer H: travel, exploring, meeting people
Signal is : Really nice site!!
Greetings to others : Hello, since the world hsa now become such a small place, I'd really like to hear from people in far off, exotic lands. Since I love to travel, I'd hope we get a chance to meet one day, but you gotta write first :-)

Time: Sun Jun 14 01:53:33 1998
Name : Rebecca
Address : 14415 NE MT View Dr, Battle Ground, WA 98604, USA
A:18f L: English E: high school graduate O: student H: riding horses, hiking, camping
Signal is : It's wonderful
Greetings to others :wanted penpals from all over

Time: Sat Jun 13 13:02:34 1998
Name : David Boey
Address : GPO Box 11140, MY-50736 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
A:40m L:e E:2 O:10 H:52 53 63 64 65 67 68 72 73
Signal is : It is a great publication for penpals and various other contacts
Greetings to others : Hi, I am David Boey, a 40 year old homebased businessman. I am looking for friends all over the world, especially those who share my interests. Your letters are welcome!

Time: Sat Jun 13 10:24:47 1998
Name : Khaliq
Address : 238/1 A-II Township, Lahore, PAKISTAN
A:24m L: Urdu, English E: graduate O:Pvt. job H : Internet + movies
Signal is : A good friends place
Time: Sat Jun 13 06:37:43 1998
Name : Kris F
Address : Houston Texas, USA
A:19m L: English & a little Spanish O:professional cowboy H: horses, dancing, women
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 21:32:08 +0800
Name | age | sex: Shana Qiu, 17f
Education: A levels
Occupation: student
Languages: English, Mandarin
Hobbies: music, movies, watching football matches
Signal is: cool!!!
Greetings: Want penpals around my age. Don't hesitate. Write to me now!!!
Time: Thu Jun 11 21:44:34 1998
Name : Antonio Tomás Riaza
Address : C/ Sargento Vaíllo N45: 6B: ES-03004 Alicante, SPAIN
A:37m L: Spanish, English E:universitary O: recepcionist H: sport, reading, hearing music, friends, love
Signal is : It's soon yet.
Greetings to others : I want exchange mail with women between 25-35 y.o.

Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 11:25:17 +0500 (GMT+0500)
Name : N. Kumar
Address : Bangalore, INDIA
Email: and

L:e O: computer hardware service engineer H: chess, cricket, reading books,
Time: Thu Jun 11 09:12:37 1998
Name : Erwin lee
Address : Blk 2 #13-294 Marine Terrace, SINGAPORE 440002

A:26m L: English E: A levels O: sales H:bicycling, movies, music, surfing the net
Signal is : great
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 19:28:52 -0600 (CST)
Name | age | sex:
Angel Segura Peralta, 47, male
Address: MEXICO
Homepage: Eureka/Concourse/4627/
Education: university
Occupation: unemployed
Languages: Spanish, English, Esperanto
Hobbies: coins, stamps, atlas of the world, web
Signal is: It's very nice to find pen pals.
Greetings: Hi! Lets be friends. Write me.
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 21:59:00 +0300
Name | age | sex:
Kazungu Lewa, 25 male
Address: Box 82322, Mombasa, KENYA Email:
Education: college
Occupation: accountant
Languages: English
Hobbies: travelling, making friends, letters, novels & movies
Signal is: It's just great
Greetings: keep it cool out there
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 23:13:52 -0700
Seeking contacts in Sosnowiec / Szczekociny areas for genealogy. Surnames of interests: Lenczner, Lieberman, Kalkopf (of course many spellings). Would like to learn of indivduals, groups or websites that might be of help. M. McTeer, HC01-Box 2181A, 29 Palms, CA 92277, USA.
Time: Tue Jun 9 20:50:13 1998
Name : Mary Address : FRANCE
A:45f L:e O: medical secretary H: travel, reading, sports, music, cooking, family
Signal is : excellent
Time: Tue Jun 9 20:31:17 1998
Name : Alex
Address : London, UNITED KINGDOM
Homepage /madisonavenue/4368
A:27m L: English E: education O: admin assistant H: sport, music, travel, adventures... everything is possible
Signal is : Treat people as you want them to treat you!
Greetings to others : Become my penpals you will never regret it!

Time: Tue Jun 9 18:03:12 1998
Name : Arica Love
Address : 5908 Lakeon Dr., Indianapolis, Indiana 46220, USA
A:14 L: English E: high school O: full time student H: playing violin, reading, writing, studing animals
Signal is : nice
Greetings to others : Hi, looking for a good pen pal look here

Time: Tue Jun 9 16:49:36 1998
Name : Stefan Luhn
Address : GERMANY
A:17m H: history, computer...
Signal is : fantastic thing
Greetings to others : I will write back to all pen pals!

Time: Tue Jun 9 12:52:27 1998
Name : Jade Kearns Address : USA
A:15f L: English E: the Heights O: Pizza Hut H: netball
Signal is : HUH??
Greetings to others : Write and I will definately be worthwhile

Time: Tue Jun 9 11:37:40 1998
Name : Yuka Tanaka
Address : 4-517 Midorigaoka Kamogata-cho, Asakuchi-gun, Okayamaken 719-0242, JAPAN

A:20 L: English H: music
Signal is : GOOD!
Greetings to others : I want penpals from french!!! A/A

Time : Tue Jun 9 04:37:32 1998
Name : Samantha Shew
Address : 280 Backwoods Ave. Princeton, WV 24740, USA
A:17f L: English E: 12th grade O: student H: making new friends all over the world, writing letters, and marching band
Signal is : good
Greetings to others : I would really like to make lots of new friends over the net, so anyone please feel free to write me! =o)

Date: Tue, 09 Jun 1998 00:56:34 +0700
Name | age | sex:
Budi Berlinton | 23 | male
Address: Artha Asih 66, Sukabirus Rt 05/15, ID-40257 Bandung, INDONESIA
Education: college
Occupation: collegian
Languages: English
Signal is: O_K !!!
Greetings: Hi, get a friend ?
Date: Mon, 08 Jun 1998 14:29:15 +0300
Name | age | sex: Erhan, 21 male
Address: TURKEY
Education: university
Languages: German, English
Hobbies: tracking, cycling, new-age music, computers, cooking!
Signal is: perfect way
Greetings: hi... don't u still have a TURK PENPAL..?
Date: Mon, 08 Jun 1998 08:54:56 -0500
Name | age | sex:
Mark MacKarville, 27 m
Address: USA
Occupation:electronics technician
Languages: English, some Dutch
Date: Sun, 07 Jun 1998 11:12:57 -0700
Name | age | sex:
Steven Andrew Hopkins, 35 male
Address: 2819 A West Ramona Road, Alhambra, CA 91803, USA
Homepage: Athens/Acropolis/7625
Education: post graduate
Occupation: engineer / TOEFL teacher
Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese
Hobbies: foreign languages, travelling
Signal is: a powerful human Nexus
Greetings: would like to meet respectable ladies for cultural exchange

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Date: Sun, 07 Jun 1998 15:25:28

GHBF24- Alex Ameyaw, c/o Georgina K Amoafo, PO Box KF 177, Koforidua ER, GHANA. A:15m L:e H:4 68 73.

GHBF29- Joseph K Tetteh, PO Box 91, Akim-Oda ER, GHANA. A:18m L:e H:football, volleyball, music, dancing, table tennis.

DZBF30- Nedjari Ahmed, PO Box 365 RP, DZ-02000 Chlef, ALGERIA. A:28m L:f H:stamps, magazines, postcards, reading, books, sports, women penpals worldwide, marriage !

DZBF31-+ Rabah Azzaz, cite de 24 logts Bt 03 No 02, DZ-10400 Ain Bessem, Bouira; ALGERIA. A:20m L:e f a H:3 4 53 68 73.

GHBF34- Rashid Adams, PO Box 703, Teshie-Nungua Estate, Accra; GHANA. A:10m L:e H:68 73.

USBF35+ American guy, 46, willing to love you... I'll make you feel like a woman. Ladies 18-up, write to Randy de Troit, Box 265, N Hollywood CA 91603-0265, USA.

Date: Sun, 07 Jun 1998 15:38:01 +1000
Name | age | sex: Raymond, 11 male
Address: Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Languages: English
Hobbies: anything
Greetings: Hello!! Please contact me!!
Time : Sat Jun 6 20:06:01 1998
Name : Anna Address : FINLAND
A:19,f L: English, Swedish O: student H:sports, music, movies
Signal is : well...
Greetings to others : just believe in yourself!

Time : Sat Jun 6 18:16:26 1998
Name : Carl Hamilton
Address : SWEDEN
A:28m L:sw fi e f i g H: sport, art, mode, travelling, formula 1, cooking, etc...
Signal is : It's great!!!
Greetings to others : Asian / African girlfriend wanted: just drop a message...

Time : Sat Jun 6 16:15:09 1998
Name : Arun Goswami
Address : 210-1405 Mississauga Valley Blvd, CA-L5A-4A4 Mississauga, Ont., CANADA
A:45m L:e hi E: college O: self employed H:13 15 16 17 21 30 46 50 51 52 68 69 70 73 74 75
Signal is : It's world's best magazine for introducing oneself to people throughout the world. It is the best way of meeting people of different cultures. Between 1 and 10 I give the highest marks (10).
Greetings to others : I seek female between 18-40 who are open and broadminded. I am broad and open minded with varied interests. I like to make personal and intimate friends.

Date: Fri, 05 Jun 1998 10:29:52 +0000
Name | age | sex:
Sergey Gleykin / 41 / male
Address: 33 Kirkland St. 260, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA
Homepage: Education: two Master degrees in engineering
Occupation: part time staff assistant
Languages: Russian, English
Hobbies: swimming, boxing, my family genealogy, travelling abroad
Signal is: very good and useful magazine
Greetings: single Finnish and Scandinavian women are welcome!
Time : Fri Jun 5 08:48:13 1998
Name : Patrick
Address : SYDNEY AUSTRALIA or Ohio in USA???
A:14m L: English and Italian E: college O: none H: skiing, athletics, rugby and hiring movies
Greetings to others : Do you want a pemnpal who will write back soon as possible ? I am your man !
Time : Fri Jun 5 06:13:08 1998
Name : Chizuko Yunoki
Address : 231 Kashiwagima Tamashima, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama 713-8123, JAPAN

A:19 female L: English H: swap FBs, welcome to new penpals!
Date: Thu, 04 Jun 1998 16:22:22 +0300
Name | age | sex:
Pia Haikala, 21, female
Address: Svanströminkuja 3d 197, FI-00870 Helsinki, FINLAND
Languages: Spanish, English, Finnish
Hobbies: swimming, writing, listening music, movies...
Signal is: It's great
Greetings: Hey all! Let's write.
Time : Wed Jun 3 21:59:40 1998
Name : Naveed Ahmed
A:17m L: English O: student H: I like making girlfriends
Signal is : good
Greetings to others : hi everybody, any girl want to be my friend???

Date: Wed, 03 Jun 1998 11:30:09 +0200
Name | age | sex: Sandra, 24, female
Education: school of commerce
Occupation: secretary
Languages: English, German
Hobbies: reading, cinema, writing, rubber stamps
Signal is: GREAT
Greetings: pals from UK, Arab countries (only female)
Time : Wed Jun 3 08:41:32 1998
Name : Junko Ichikawa
Address : 4-1-24 Agasaki Tamashima, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama 713-8121, JAPAN

A:19 L: English H: please write to me from France only
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 15:22:00 +0900
Name : Marie Anne, 40, married, 2 kids
Address : we are from Belgium but after 4 years in Costa Rica we now live in Korea.
I am looking for female pals in French or English.
Time : Tue Jun 2 21:53:43 1998
Name : Stuart Whatley
Address : 23 Bank Gardens, Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 3WA, UNITED KINGDOM
A:35m L:e O: freelance journalist H: foreign travel, nightclubs, discos, restaurants, writing, conversation, hiking, countryside and many other interests.
Signal is : A great way to make new friends.
Greetings to others : Friendly and generous British journalist seeks female pen friends in eastern Europe, especially in Hungary (I love Budapest!), Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Russia and Ukraine.

Time : Tue Jun 2 21:51:40 1998
Name : Gabriel Grass
Address : Las Hualtatas 6983, Santiago 668 17 25, CHILE
A:10m L: Spanish E: primary O: student H: coins and banknotes collection
Signal is : very useful
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 01:52:48 +0900
Name | age | sex: Sean Kim, 24, male
Address: 9-97 Oryu-dong, Kuro-gu, Seoul, KOREA
Education: university
Occupation: student
Languages: Korean, English, Chinese
Hobbies: travel, writing
Signal is: not bad
Greetings: Have a nice lifetime!!!
Time : Mon Jun 1 13:33:40 1998
Name : Musa Address : FINLAND
A:34 L:e f O:5 H: sports
Signal is: very good
Greetings to others: Email me

Time: Mon Jun 1 13:34:08 1998

PKBF1+ Muhammad Imran, House No A/114-2445, Jail Road Hirabad, Hyderabad Sind, PAKISTAN. A:26m, 5’6" L:e H:technical student H:sports, music, penpals worldwide.

ITBF2- Giuseppe Vassallo, CP 355, IT-95100 Catania, ITALY. A:45m L:e H:sports, travelling.

IRBF4- Vahid Salehwand, No 14 Emamjomeh Alley, Hafez St Mobarakeh, Ishafan; IRAN. A:19m, 185/70, black eyes & hair, university student. Want girl penpals from Finland and Italy.

GMBF5- Abdoulie R Bah, c/o Ebrima Bah; Apex Optics, PO Box 382, Banjul; GAMBIA. A:28m L:e H: penpals.

RUBF9- Box 623, RU-634040 Tomsk, RUSSIA. H:banknotes, mini calendars, phonecards, viewcards. L:r g (e).

LYBF12- Alhassan Iddrisu Ali, PO Box 1621, Benghazi, LIBYA. A:22m, Ghanaian L:e H:travelling, football, penpals.

Time: Mon Jun 1 08:08:09 1998
Name : Chizuko Yunoki
Address : 231 Kashiwagima Tamashima, Kurashiki-shi, Okayamaken 713-8123, JAPAN

A:19 L: English H: swap FBs
Signal is : VERY GOOD!!!
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 10:05:42 +0300 (EET DST)
Name | age | sex: Katya, 18, female
Address: BELARUS
Occupation: university student
Languages: English, Russian
Hobbies: travelling, music, languages, I want to learn Spanish.
Signal is: great!!!
Greetings: Hi everyone! I want to get penpals from all around the world!!! Write me soon, please!
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 1997 21:15:23 -0500
Name | age | sex: Mark Olson, 39 m
Address: Minnesota, USA
Education: college
Occupation: computers
Languages: English
Hobbies: windsurfing, skiing, biking, writing
Signal is: time will tell
Greetings: Hello, I am interested in corresponding with people from all over the world. I would especially like to meet a woman from Russia, Poland, or Sweden.
Time : Sun May 31 05:05:23 1998
Name : Phil Cole
A:44m L: English E: college O: graphic arts H: working out, movies, dancing
Signal is : just got here.
Greetings to others : Hello... hope to meet some interesting lady pals from all over.

Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 22:06:46 -0400
Name | age | sex: Armida / 25 / female
Address: Boston, USA
Education: College+
Occupation: administrative assistant / poet
Languages: English and Spanish only
Hobbies: writing, painting, making jewelry, tennis and dancing.
Signal is: It rocks !!!
Greetings: Hello to everyone. I hope we become great friends :)
Time : Sat May 30 16:59:24 1998
Name : Jon
Address : Leeds, ENGLAND
A:34m L:English & French E: art college O: kitchen fitter H: many sports, computing, anything you wish to involve me in
Signal is : 1st class
Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 10:39:08 -0400
Name | age | sex: Yuki, 26, female
Address: JAPAN / USA
Education: BS
Occupation: student
Languages: English
Hobbies: travel, cats, writing letters, cooking, movies, etc.
Signal is: good
Greetings: I'm originally from Japan, but I live in USA at the moment. I'm looking for penpals from all over the world through e-mail and snail mail.
Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 16:39:41 +0700
Name | age | sex: T. C. Loy, 37, Male
Education: Master of Science in Actuarial Science
Occupation: foreign representative
Languages: English, Mandarin, Hainanese
Hobbies: tennis, swimming, sport, reading, movie
Greetings: Hello, looking forward to new friends
Time : Fri May 29 23:11:10 1998
Name : Jani Alakangas
Address : FINLAND
A:17m L: English, Finnish E: high school O: right now I don't have an occupation H:music, basketball, soccer, tennis, etc.
Greetings to others : Hello everyone who does/doesn't have friends. Please send email for me.

Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 18:44:23 -0700
Name | age | sex: Peter Prakash
Address: Bangalore, INDIA
Education: 2nd P.U.
Occupation: marketing
Languages: English, Hindi, Tamil
Hobbies: reading books, music
Signal is: good Signal for new penpals
Greetings: I, Peter newly joined in the Signal club
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 16:05:16 +0700
Name | age | sex: Ricky Rozali / 27 / male
Address: Bandung, INDONESIA
Education: graduation of telecommunication
Occupation: management
Languages: Indonesian and English
Hobbies: music, swimming, jogging, surfing on the Internet, reading magazines, watching movie
Signal is: Great Idea
Greetings: I want to know all of you whereever in the world
Time : Fri May 29 01:24:54 1998
Name : Arshad Mannan
Address : PMGs PO Box 7207, PK-54560 Lahore, PAKISTAN
A:32m L: English E: M.B.A. O: business H: outdoor, culture, social services, music & all that is fun with my friends
Signal is : A great media
Greetings to others : It is most import that we have the same values.

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