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A reader comment on my article "Letters to Signal"

Date: Sat, 03 May 1997 05:09:01 -0500
From: Mike HAGGAG

Enjoyed very much reading your "A day in the life of Signal Publisher" with the stories of those 30 letters you received, many missing payments or return postage. I rely on your Web Site to get penpal leads and I think you're doing a GREAT job motivated by your own interest more than money. Just wanted to drop a word of appreciation for what you do. Keep-up the good work !
Quote of the day : "Oh, friend on my computer screen, Who could have dreamt how much you'd mean ? No matter I can't hear or see you, You're always there for me to e-mail you." "Gail Cooke"

This text was written a few years ago

Therefore I'm correcting some facts in it but do NOT rewrite it completely. Thus it tells mainly about the last century !
Raimo Kaarna, the publisher - March 30, 2003

Last winter was cold in Finland

It is now very cold, often minus 20-30 degrees Celcius and lots of snow shoveling. Winter driving is nuisance sometimes, I have some difficulties in starting my Opel Kadet, the accumalator does not always give enough electricity. The starting cables usually help me out of this trouble...

700.000 web readers by now!

That is GREAT !!!! Some 50 new penpal ads are received via email and snailmail every day. Reply them at once.
4-6 printed Signals are issued yearly, usually 16 A4-size pages and about 400 penpal ads per issue.

A few of the past Signals were real giants, 64 multicolor tabloid pages, 1500 ads was the greatest one ever printed. Issue 1 back in 1960 was A4-size mimeographed 1-page ad sheet, 30 penpals, circulation 1000. Current issues contain 16 pages, 400 penpals... All ads are issued in both editions !

Buy printed Signal magazines
2/2002 - 1/2002 - 6/2001 - 5/2001 - 4/2001 - 3/2001 - 2/2001 - 1/2001 ,
US$ 5, Euro 5 or equivalent per copy !

Orders now to SIGNAL, Box 150, FI-15111 Lahti, FINLAND.

Earlier also these agents were selling the Signal in their own countries:

    ALGERIA: Boulfrakh Med Tahar
    AUSTRALIA: Bill Helem
    BANGLADESH: Ratna International
    ENGLAND: Rebecca Associates
    FINLAND: Caprico Enterprises
    GHANA: F K Sarkodee
    JAPAN: Int'l Penpal Services, James Zivney
    LITHUANIA: Vytautats Jurksa
    SWITZERLAND: Meeting Point
    USA: Vanessa Samayoa, Casandra Sparks

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Keep surfing in the web, keep reading the Signal and recommend it also to all your friends.
Making a link to the Signal on your own home page helps us all in finding more interesting new contacts and in reaching new friends worldwide ! Please do so, use your Browser to VIEW | DOCUMENT SOURCE of the below text and copy it's HTML-code for your home page...

25.000 penpals, 300 photos, 500 clubs

Win New Friends Worldwide ! Advertise Yourself Free !
SIGNAL-03d, Box 150, FI-15111 Lahti, Finland
* email: signal@sci.fi * http://www.sci.fi/~signal *
Printed Signal's back issue FREE for postage 2 International Reply Coupons (from post offices)

Singles | Penpal Clubs
- let's co-operate !

Signal exchanges ad space and links now with hundreds of printed | email publications worldwide, and with the leading online clubs - Cupid's Network, SinglesSite, LoveSearch - etc in the web. Our readers may reach 1.000.000 ??? singles and penpals from all around the world via the links and club ads ! Co-operate with the Signal, all your own members, advertisers, customers will benefit from it. Your link will be seen all over the world... Put the above ad - preferably with Signal's logo - into your web magazine or homepage - I'll do the same for you after seeing the link to Signal on your pages !

Some photos can be scrolled
in separate windows !

50 photos of ladies from Peru, 25 photos of Russian girls and the photos of a few other pages can be scrolled on one page at the same time. They do NOT contain any links to the ads anyhow. Over 300 photos of penpal page advertisers can be scrolled in one window BUT their LOADING TIME is really l.o.o.o.o.n.n.g.g.g.g.g...

The best way to look at the photos is to click the LINKS in the photo ads - read the introductions and addresses at first and only then look at the photos. Due to too long loading time it is not sensible to put 20-30 photos direct to the page, no one is willing to wait a few minutes to see them.

Signal received 2117 letters in 1998

These were received via snailmail, some 20-30 email letters received daily nowadays, too. The amount of Internet contacts grows heavily, snailmail is decreasing little by little. Most of my time is devoted to the web and online edition, less time is spent in composing, printing, stapling, folding, envelope stuffing, stamp 'licking' and the other routines necessary to run the printed Signal edition. This orientation saves me time and money, it makes circulation bigger and faster, it gives more readers to every advertisement in the Signal. Internet benefits us all, you, me and also all the readers writing via regular mail. Internet is now the "main distribution method" for the Signal Penpal Magazine.

Back issue FREE for postage

Want to see what the printed Signals were or are like ? The latest printed Signals available are issues 2-1/2002 and 6-5-4-3-2-1/2001 for US$ 5 or € 5 each by surface mail postpaid. Very old back issues 82 and 83 free for postage, US$ 2, € 2 or 3 International Reply Coupons for surface mail. All advertisers receive their checking copies free.

Buy also some other foreign penpal magazines at low prices now, the list on several Signal pages. Order sample copies by snailmail, widen your world also in the "old fashion way" ! Read the Worldwide Club Directory pages, they contain info of 500 penpal clubs and papers from around the globe.

Buy foreign Penpal Magazines
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