Sunday, September 5, 2004 at 19:06:34
Name, age, sex: Schumacher Rudi, 29
Address: Strasbourg, FRANCE
Education: high school
Occupation: train pilot
Languages: German, French, English (5/10)
Hobbies: travelling
Signal is: wunderbar
Greetings: I want marry girl Manila. I never maried, I like cildren. Send picture. I shall travel soon. I shall visit you. Be nice, enjoy life. Gruss und kusschen, bisous ! I single, never married.

Sunday, September 05, 2004 at 02:03:47
Name, age, sex: Azmat, 21, m
Address: FRANCE
Education: colege

Thursday, September 2, 2004 at 10:51:58
Name, age, sex: Hoffmann, 29, male
Address: Paris, FRANCE
Education: university
Occupation: product designer
Languages: English, French, German
Signal is: very nice and interesting people
Greetings: Seeking for models.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004 at 02:57:24
Name, age, sex: Luke, male
Address: Paris, FRANCE
Education: university, graduated from nurse shool
Occupation: male nurse in a hospital
Languages: French, English
Hobbies: snowboarding, squash, skateboarding, music, playing guitar in my rock band, movies, shopping, collect action figures, concerts
Greetings: I'm looking especially for someone who live in San Francisco or its area, I'm in love with this city !!

Monday, August 30, 2004 at 15:05:00
Name, age, sex: Farzana, 21, f
Address: FRANCE
Occupation: warks
Languages: French, English, Bengoli
Hobbies: chat

Sunday, August 29, 2004 at 16:24:15
Name, age, sex: Théo, 27, male
Address: Paris, FRANCE
Education: sport
Occupation: movies
Languages: French, English
Signal is: super
Greetings: Salut tout le monde.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004 at 19:05:54
Name, age, sex: Aina, 23, male
Address: FRANCE
Education: post-graduate
Occupation: student
Languages: English, French
Hobbies: music !, dance, football
Signal is: good site but could be improved
Greetings: Hello world ! Wish to have nice conversations with interesting people from any culture !

Wednesday, August 18, 2004 at 09:52:26
Name, age, sex: Hadrien, 15, m
Address: 18 Rue du Pres de Puits, FR-57420 Solgne, FRANCE
Occupation: sports, cinema
Languages: Francais, Anglais, Espagnol
Hobbies: judo

Thursday, August 12, 2004 at 10:23:39
Name, age, sex: Alastair, 31, Male
Address: Aix-en-Provence, FRANCE
Education: Masters
Occupation: manager software
Languages: English
Hobbies: surfing
Signal is: great
Greetings: Looking for more friends around the world.