For only US$ 45, Euro 30 or 60 IRCs

    1 - You'll have "My Own Web" or select any other name you like, for instance "John's Web Magazine" and so on.
    2 - Your name, address, email etc will be shown as the "publisher" in the black box. Payments come to you.
    3 - You earn 50 % commission on all paid advertising orders you collect and on "My Own Web" establishing orders. Just take half of the money sent to you and mail the balance with the original ads and orders to the Signal.
    4 - Rush your payment to the "publisher" with your magazine name and your name, address, phone, email. She | he gets 50 % commission on your order !
    5 - Your Own Web Magazine's web address will be sent to you via email or snailmail immediately after the receipt of your payment by Signal - Raimo Kaarna - Finland.
    6 - Your current web pages can be linked to "Your Own Web Magazine".

    2.500 pages * 50.000 penpals * photos * penpal clubs
    Raimo Kaarna, Box 150, FI-15111 Lahti, Finland