My story

My name is Jaroslav Svarc and since I was 12 years old I have been interested in mysteries of the world, for example UFO, pictogramms in corn, mysterious discoveries, archeological finds, heaven's phenomenons and natural phenomenons etc. My interest also concern planet Mars (area Cydonia and it's mysterious face). Interesting are also legends about mysterious phenomenons from distanty past about which verbally talk different local tribes.

I am 40 years old and since 12 years old I have seen about 11 x UFO and I have gone through some thing very mysterious. My most famous story happened at that time when existed old Czechoslovakia. My story happened on Friday, 27 August 1982. On the mowed meadow which was about 300 m from my house I found two mysterious balls. The balls were 20 and 22 mm in diameter. I found both balls under very strange circumstances. I was telepathically shown the place. The balls were rather heavy and were of goldenbrown surface. I found out that they were produced from unknown material which did not exist on the planet earth. Inside both balls were mysterious alien men's faces (heads). All the year 1982 in Czechoslovakia was shining sun and sky was blue. In September was incredibly big harvest of fruit, especially apples, that even the oldest people did not remember such harvest.

I am searching through the internet for some UFO clubs and people who are interested in UFO and phenomenons. I am looking for answers from people from all over the world.

My address is:
Mr Jaroslav Svarc, Lupenice 79 (blacksmithy), CZ-51741 Kostelec nad Orlici, CZECH REPUBLIC, Europe

P.S. My first written story is called "Invisible reality".

My second interesting story

On Monday 16th August 1982 in the evening I suddenly switched on my tv, second program, at that time Czechoslovakia TV. My tv was Color-Spektrum made in 1977. I was watching life program from Berlin, Communist East Germany. The program was called "International Song's Cocktail".

This program started at 20:35 o'clock and ended at 21:05 o'clock. It lasted only half an hour, nut I started watching the program nearly when it finished, because I switched on the second program at 21:00 o'clock.

At 21:05 o'clock my tv suddenly started show three mysterious rainbow colored pictures. It was an alien contact through the tv. The pictures contented from these symbols: isosceles green triangles and blue eye in the middle, two blue arrows, colored rainbow, eight-tailed blue starts, rain drops, mysterious blue numbers 4041 and beautiful rainbow glare-spectra. It also showed violet human head, how it looks at these symbols - rainbow, stars and rain drops. Above the head were irrogation marks and exclamation marks. This display lasted 15 seconds and after it my tv started again normally broadcast.

I was absolutely shocked. It happened on 16th August 1982. On 27th Augusts 1982 I found two mysterious balls. I described all this story on the internet with pictures.

On Monday 16th August 1982 in the South America in state Peru on the plateau Marcahuasi there was seen mysterious alien, he was 3 m high. Mrs Angela Pizari made a picture of this alien. I guess that on the 16th August 1982 I watched display of this alien on my tv.

P.S. I am also interested in the tenth planet Mardul and the twelfth planet Niburu, planets of Gods.

Jaroslav Svarc

I am interested also in gone Continents

like Atlantic, Gotowane, Luremil, country MU and Pacifik.

Perhaps 2 kilometers from municipality Lupenice is situated municipality TUTLEKY. Here exists artificial landing surface 600 x 800 meters. Here can occur glossy metter - clawe age 8.000 years !

I too search for information of submarine civilization, UFOs and Bermuda triangle and underground civilization - AGHARTE - SCHAMBALE.

Write to me now - my address is:
Mr Jaroslav Svarc, Lupenice 79 (blacksmithy), CZ-51741 Kostelec nad Orlici, CZECH REPUBLIC, Europe

In June 1987 I was in...

In June 1987 I was in a town called Hradec Kralove. I wan in a park when about 70 m far from me appeared a man who was 2 m high. He had a big white head. Suddenly appeared second man - absolutely same like the first man. They looked like twins. I hear from them strange sounds like from birds called heron. They looked at me and from their eyes radiated blue rays - like from welding machine. Then they disappeared. Their heads - portraits were smae like heads of the two men on the balls which I found on 27th August 1982. So they introduced themselves to me personally after 5 years of my discovery of the balls...