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|ooooooo::::        :   :oooooooo|
|ooooWo::::o:     :::    :oWWWooo|
|WWWWo::::oo:oooooo:::    :oWWWWW|
|WWWW:   ::::oooWooo:::::   :WWWW|
|WWWW:    :oooWWooo::::::   :WWWW|
|WWWW:   ooo: :::::::::::   oWWWW|
|WWWWo   o:ooooooo::ooo::  :WWWoo|
|WWWWWo :ooooooooo::oooo:: :Woooo|
|WWooooo::ooWWWWoo::oooo:  :oo:::|
|oooo::oo  ooooooooooooo: :o:::::|
|ooo::::::::oooWWWWoooo:: :o:::::|
|o::::::oooo::ooooooo::    ::::::|
|::::::::o::  ooo:::           ::|
|::::::::  :  :oooo:             |
|oo:::         :o:               |
|: :                 ::   :      |
|               :                |

Assuming that you have a text display with light text against a dark background, you should be able to recognize me. (I'm not sure this thing works, but anyway.)

Extract from my Licence of Existence, level 1 (Public) Classification Part:

Name:		Erik Atte Staffan Bruun
Excuse:		Computer science student
Issued by:	HPAE (Human Population Authorities of Earth
Date of Issue:	5.9.1977
Date of Expiry:	To be decided later
Residence:	* Email: stabi@icon.fi
		* GSM: +358-50-5922988
		* SnailMail:
		  Melkögatan 4c63
		  00210 H:fors
Notes:		* This license is to be carried at all times. The HPAE is not
		  responsible of accidental executions caused by the failure of
		  the exister to present this license when prompted by HPAE
		* The HPAE reserves the right not to notify the exister of a
		  decision concerning the date of expiry.


    //  \\    
   //  o \\   
  // +-|  \\  
 // /\ A   \\ 
Bygges i snigeltakt

Mail me at stabi@icon.fi

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