7th World Chess Composing Tournament of the FIDE

The Permanent Commission of the FIDE for Chess Compositions (PCCC) is pleased to announce the 7th World Chess Composition Tournament.

The tournament is organized by the Macedonian Chess Federation and Mr. Zivko Janevski has been nominated as the 7th WCCT Director.

The PCCC hopes that many FIDE member-countries will take part in this supreme international chess composition team event.


Bedrich Formánek
PCCC President
Bratislava, September 15th, 2001

Invitation by Z. Janevski
Some words from the WCCT Subcommittee
Using Popeye for checking single box problems (see Important information)
Letter No. 1
Letter No. 2
Letter No. 3
Letter No. 4
Letter No. 5

Letter No. 6 (updated Nov. 18, 2003)
Letter No. 7
Replies to protests (Word document, 70 kb)

Director: Zivko Janevski

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