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Composing Tourney for Beginners

Permanent Commission of the FIDE for Chess Compositions (PCCC) and Russian Chess Federation announce a tournament for beginner composers. The tournament is to be held in six sections:

a) twomovers - Judge Marjan Kovacevic (Serbia-Montenegro)
b) threemovers - Judge Valery Shavyrin (Russia)
c) moremovers - Judge Hans Peter Rehm (Germany)
d) studies - Judge David Gurgenidze (Georgia)
e) helpmates - Judge Valery Semenenko (Ukraine)
f) selfmates - Judge Waldemar Tura (Poland).

A composer may participate in the tournament if his problems have never been selected for FIDE Albums (up to the Album 1998-2000). The total number of problems from one author is not limited, joint problems are allowed provided all authors satisfy the above condition. Book prizes, honourable mentions and commendations will be available.

Entries (each problem on a separate A5 sheet, one copy is enough) should be sent to: Yakov Vladimirov, Petrozavodskaya 17 kor. 2, kv. 157, 12502, Moscow A502, Russia, by 01.01.2007. Entries will be forwarded to the judges without the authors' names.

The results will be published in the magazine Shakmatnaja Compozitsia. Every participant will receive a copy of the issue.

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