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FIDE Album 2010-2012


The World Federation for Chess Composition (WFCC) invites composers to submit their highest-quality compositions for selection in the FIDE Album. Entry is open to compositions published during the years 2010-2012. For informal tourneys the date of publication of the issue containing the composition is decisive; for formal tourneys the date of appearance of the award is decisive (NB: not the closing date of the tourney).

Those who published large numbers of compositions during this period are strongly urged to make a selection consisting of only their very best work.

A composer may send to each section no more than 30 compositions published in the defined three-year period, or up to 3 times the number of points he/she had in that section the last time he/she participated, whichever is greater.

Anyone entering compositions by another composer should obtain the agreement of that composer beforehand.

Entries must be sent to the director by e-mail and in PDF format only. In each section composers have to submit one PDF file, which will include all their entries to this section with one composition per page. The compositions should be in diagrams of a uniform size, with the author's name, e-mail address, publication data, any award, stipulation, full solution and a comment if desired. Algebraic notation is to be used. Entries not complying with these requirements will be rejected.

In section D (endgame studies) composers may alternatively submit PGN files and in section E1 (helpmates in 2 moves) they may alternatively submit their entries online to the server http://www.ankona.ch.

Compositions that receive 8 points or higher in the 2010-12 WCCI qualify for the FIDE album automatically, however they must also be submitted by the composers to the album in order to be published in it and count for points.

Attention! Compositions currently participating in the 2012-13 9th WCCT should be submitted to the 2013-15 album.

The closing date is June 1st, 2013.

The WFCC makes the following recommendations:

Technical details

Directors and judges


Director: Peter Gvozdják (SVK), peter.gvozdjak@gmail.com
Judges: Wieland Bruch (GER), Vasil Dyachuk (UKR), Darko Šaljic (SRB)


Director: Aleksandr Sygurov (RUS), sygurov@bk.ru
Judges: Igor Agapov (RUS), Paz Einat (ISR), Viktor Volchek (BLR)


Director: Aleksandr Feoktistov (RUS), aff_sk@mail.ru
Judges: Aleksandr Kuzovkov (RUS), Mikhaïl Marandyuk (UKR), Ladislav Salai Jr. (SVK)

Endgame Studies

Director: János Mikitovics (HUN), j.mikitovics@gmail.com
Judges: Ilham Aliev (AZE), David Gurgenidze (GEO), Oleg Pervakov (RUS)

Helpmates in 2

Director: Harry Fougiaxis (GRE), loyaldragon@gmail.com
Judges: János Csák (HUN), Michal Dragoun (CZE), Ricardo Vieira (BRA)

Helpmates in 2.5 and longer

Director: Günter Büsing (GER), guenter.buesing@t-online.de
Judges: Thomas Maeder (SUI), Aleksandr Semenenko (UKR), Boris Shorokhov (RUS)


Director: Jirí Jelínek (CZE), jjelinek@chello.cz
Judges: Diyan Kostadinov (BUL), Hartmut Laue (GER), Waldemar Tura (POL)


Director: Petko A. Petkov (BUL), new email addresses (send to both!) ppetkov2702@gmail.com and pap1_petkov@yahoo.com
Judges: Václav Kotešovec (CZE), Manfred Rittirsch (GER), Tadashi Wakashima (JPN)


Director: Thierry le Gleuher (FRA), t.legleuher@gmail.com
Judges: Thomas Brand (GER), Satoshi Hashimoto (JPN), Henrik Juel (DEN)

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