World Chess Composition Tournament of the FIDE

Announced by the Permanent Commission of the FIDE for Chess Compositions in December 1996.

Organized by the German Chess Problem Federation "Die Schwalbe".


Section A: Two-movers

At least two black defences change their defensive motives against the same threat, with mates changed between at least one try and the solution. The following defensive motives are regarded as distinct: guard; pin; unpin; line-closing; line-opening; unblock; capture; check; anticritical move. 

Section B: Three-movers

The same line is guarded by two black line-moving pieces (R+R or Q+B or Q+R). In at least two variations, self interferences occur on this line, either at Black's first move or at Black's second move 

Section C: More-movers

In a problem of mate in 4 or more moves, a black line (actual, potential, or prospective) is opened without harmful effect after the respective black line-piece has been neutralized, or the ground has been prepared for its neutralization. The manner of neutralization is free (shut-off by either side, pin, withdrawal, annihilation, etc). 

Section D: Endgame Studies

In order to gain or lose a tempo, White refuses to capture a piece (not a pawn). Win or draw. 

Section E: Helpmates

In each of at least two phases, a white/black manouvre fails through the actual, potential, or prospective closure of a white line by black and/or black line by White. The thematic line(s) may exist in the diagram position or be created during the play. Helpmates in 2 are required; no zeroposition. 

Section F: Selfmates

In a selfmate in 3 or 4 moves a black move has a defensive motive which White exploits to his own advantage. 

Section G: Fairies

Vaulting King (definition): An orthodox king which, when in check, moves like the checking unit(s). Direct-mate two-movers are required, with at least one vaulting King. Orthodox units, Grasshoppers and Nightriders may be used, but no other fairy units.

The final date for sending in compositions is the 1st of May 1998. Team-leaders send the entries to the Tournament Director Hemmo Axt, Germany, according to the General Rules.

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