Hetptathlon points

Using this form you can count how many hetptathlon points a certain series of results counts up to. You don't have to type in every event. Just leave blank those events, you don't want to include. Please not that this form does not understand hand-times. Add 0,24 seconds to hand-times to get an estimate.
100 m hurdles e.g. 12.69 or 12,69 High jump e.g. 1.86 or 186 Shot put e.g. 15.80 or 15,80 200 m e.g. 22,56 or 22.56 Long jump e.g. 7.27 or 727 Javelin e.g. 45.66 or 45,66 800 m, mins 800 m, secs e.g. 2 e.g. 08,51
Decathlon count

Track & Field Statistics

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