xmms-itouch - iTouch keyboard control plugin for XMMS

Copyright © 2000-2002 Ville Syrjälä

Distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2.

Note: I no longer maintain this program.

Note: Jeremy Tan has ported the plugin from XMMS to the Beep Media Player. See bmp-itouch for further development.


2002-08-11: Updated config file with another "Cordless Desktop Optical" variation. Get it here.
2002-07-01: Version 0.1.2 - Volume increment/decrement settings added by Jeremy Tan <nsx@nsx.homeip.net>.
2002-06-30: Version 0.1.1 - Calculator key support (for Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro) added by Jonathan A. Davis <davis@jdhouse.org>. I also changed the Ortek mapping to use this instead of the search key. Support for E-Media Keyboard Deluxe USB keyboards was also added.
2002-03-09: Debian package by Javier Conti. Get it here.
2001-12-16: Updated config file with support for Ortek Multimedia keyboards. Get it here.

I've mapped the keys as follows:
Suspend = menu
My Home = www
Email = message
Go = X'fer
Search = calculator
Scroll and Zoom keys aren't supported

2001-10-06: Version 0.1.0 - Configuration support. Supports more keyboard models. Non-multimedia keys support. (Thanks to Bryn Davies <curious@ihug.com.au> for the intial work)
2001-08-30: Version 0.0.3 - Fixed a bug which caused sluggish response, build system cleanups.
2001-04-25: Version 0.0.2 - Fixed a bug which caused the plugin to grab some random keys.
2001-01-14: Version 0.0.1 - Initial release.


With this XMMS plugin you can take advantage of the multimedia (playback and volume control) keys on your Logitech iTouch keyboard. When the plugin is used you can use the keys regardless of the current input focus. The plugin won't work if some other application (eg. xscreensaver) has grabbed the keyboard.


* Is there something more to do?


* XMMS 1.2.x
* X Window System :)


The XOSD by plugin by Andre Renaud was used as a template.


Source RPM
Binary RPM for x86 (Redhat 7.1)
Debian packages available at http://www.labcc.ch/downloads/multimedia/
Older versions are here.




$ ./configure
$ make
# make install


* Bug reports
* Bug fixes/patches (diff -u format)
* Suggestions
* Whatever

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